Spring Ready with Frankie Flowers

The entire frame is full of red and yellow flowers, plus bright green leaves

Since we moved in December, I’ve only given passing glances to the outside part of our new home. There are gardens. A deck. A patio. Outdoor furniture left by the previous owners. (Thank you!) Stuff we have to get rid of. And a lawn that appears to need some TLC.

Now that spring has sprung, except for the weekend’s unwelcome snowfall, there’s no excuse not to get out there and deal with it! A wicker elephant has sat on the deck looking sad and unappreciated. It will need power-spraying and painting, assuming it can be saved. Our shed must be assembled. But the lawn and garden will be my domain. Enter: Frankie Flowers.

You might know Frankie as the weather expert on CITY-TV, or as a best-selling author and garden expert. I talked to him for a Walmart Canada article and he has simple and practical advice for getting your lawn and garden off to a great start. Follow his tips and things to get things lush and lovely for summer.

Read the full article by clicking HERE.

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