Throwback Thursday – Fun with Mom

During the stressful time when my Dad moved into long-term care, and my Mom was scrambling to empty their house before moving, we looked for comic relief.

My brother and I pulled a couple of little pranks on each other, using Dad’s room as ground zero – and Dad loved being in on the action. And Derek and I had some fun with a painting of my Mom.

Now, you have to understand that this painting isn’t a family heirloom. It was beloved back in the day but time has marched on and even Mom didn’t want it anymore. She asked me to do something with it, and although I wasn’t sure what that “something” would be, I took it home. Derek and I considered the possibilities and then got to work. Every day, Mom received a different photo of “her” adventures around our London house.

A painting of a woman with short black hair wearing a pink leisure suit, over a white mantle and fireplace.

We started out tame, with Mom on the mantle.
Mom's painting peeking out from behind potted plants.

Then she hung out with the plants.
Mom posed beside a microphone
And so on….
The painting under a blanket and resting on a pillow as if having a nap
And so on…
We got family members in on the act, and it went on for weeks!
Painting of Mom peeking out off our front deck between tall day lillies.

I will never tell what became of the painting! But it gave us plenty of laughs at the end!

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