I’m not pro-abortion. No one should be using abortion as birth control. But I believe the so-called pro-life faction should be renamed anti-choice. A woman’s body should be hers to make decisions about. On last week’s SNL, Leslie Jones gave a sincere and angry response to Alabama’s hard-line, new anti-abortion law. She didn’t even have to say a word.

SNL cast member Leslie Jones looking into the camera, wearing a black T shirt with the word MINE in white and an arrow pointing down.
Leslie Jones on SNL – screen grab.

Of course, she said many words.

Don’t kid yourself that it couldn’t happen here. Young Ford-ite MPP Sam Oosterhoff has been shooting off his mouth about ending abortion in his lifetime. I share this sentiment:

Snarky Fart tweet calls on anti-abortion politicians to adopt children from foster care.

My friend, political scientist Dr. Shannon Sampert, is worried too, as she wrote in an op-ed for the Winnipeg Free Press.

Kids, it used to be like this: When the party you weren’t backing won the election you’d say, okay, it’s their turn. We’ll get in next time. Meantime, let’s work with them and get as much of our stuff done as we can. That’s no longer how it is. Now one side vilifies the other and when one has enough power, they ram through everything they can. It’s a political nyah nyah nyah to the other side. You’re either for us or against us with no in-between. It’s a waste of valuable time and rather sickening, as everyone knows it will all turn back again in the next term.

While I was driving home one night I caught a fascinating show on CBC about the history and particulars of democracy. It provided many reasons why politics has gone off the rails and democracy itself is under attack, from a Harvard professor whose life’s work is in this narrow realm. One example: the lack of discussion and input when big decisions are made. If you’re interested, you can hear it HERE. It’s far from light and fluffy and I found it riveting.

Derek suggested an idea: Trump should build that wall. Democrats should help him pile the bricks and mix the mortar. Trump ought to build it high and strong around Alabama and close himself inside.

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