I (Wasn’t) Born in a Small Town

Derek's Facebook ad for his light blue 1961 Rambler Classic Deluxe - price reduced to $6850.

I love small towns! Back when I rode my own motorcycle, Derek and I would pick a town hosting a festival and point in their direction for a weekend excursion. It’s a sweet, simple (but not easy) thing when a community comes together with a common goal.

Derek’s 1961 Rambler is back on the market and I know he’s torn about selling it. So, I found the closest classic car show on Saturday in Blenheim, about 40 minutes away. The forecast threatened rain but we managed to head out and back in the most beautiful part of the day, bookended by more rain. (Enough with the rain!)

It was a lovely walk through the quaint town, although I was mildly horrified to see cars from my college days displayed as “classic”! We supported the local firefighters’ BBQ lunch and we even ran into a pal from London.

A couple of blocks were lined with classic cars. Gorgeous day!
My big kid was fascinated by the show birds!
This fire truck is almost a century old.

We’ve enjoyed big city adventures over the years but I’ll take a small town get together at any time. Large crowds have always made me nervous. That’s not a risk in a place like Blenheim. This was my second time visiting the town. The first was more than two decades ago when we picked up this beauty from Clarkshome Border Collies – at the time, they were the only licensed Border Collie breeder in Canada.

Lee Roy as a puppy, backed up on his haunches, barking at a tennis ball beside a wall, on a carpeted floor
Puppy Lee Roy meeting a tennis ball for the first time and beginning a life-long collaboration, despite a rough start!

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