Home Again

Erin holding a microphone, seated, talking to an audience about her book

I’ve been enjoying the gentle purr of Miss Sugar, who seemed to have truly missed me! She greeted me with outstretched paws and a nuzzle. That’s over-the-top for a cat.

I’m filled with an attitude of gratitude for the wonderful people we met on Erin’s Mississauga-Markham-Kitchener-Barrie-area book tour. Not just those who took the time to introduce themselves to me, too. But everyone who was moved to share their story with Erin, either publicly or privately. It’s humbling to witness. As Erin says, and I paraphrase, pain shared is cut in half. (While joy shared, is doubled.) And, like her book, Mourning Has Broken, there was more laughter than you might imagine at her Q and A sessions. Big, happy belly-laughs! Because…joy.

I’ve already shared all my photos on social media! Most of the time, I took pics on Erin’s phone. She’s sharing many of them on her journal. And at the bottom of her entry today just happens to be a link to her article about something that’s happening in my world tomorrow. Wallaceburg’s town-wide garage sale! I have a bunch of things to divest us of, super inexpensively, because as I’ve learned in garage sales past, the point is to clear stuff out, not make big money. Wish me luck. I’m hoping to get weighed down by quarters and loonies and get rid of these flower pots and other flotsam and jetsam that are just taking up precious room. Have a wonderful weekend, and we’ll get back to (whatever passes for) normal here, next week.

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  1. HI Lisa,

    Just wanted you to know…I really enjoy reading your blogs…they are interesting, informative, fun and from your Heart NOT your Ego!!!!!

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