Room To Move

garage sale signs, with the address not yet filled in

Several rooms to move, actually. This wasn’t a difficult decision but it’s not easy to reveal because it’s so unusual. We’re moving again!

I love this home. Although I loved being on the road with Erin last week – what a treat and a privilege – you know that warm feeling you get when you return home? I get that in this 80-year-old gem of a house. When you visit the listing HERE and see the photos, details and asking price, you’ll see why someone would want to live in Chatham-Kent. The proximity to water, to the US border, to great people – this area has loads of reasons to recommend it. But, we have to leave.

There are a number of reasons why we’re doing this. The main ones are family-related and I hope you can appreciate why I can’t get into details at this time. And rather than worry about what anyone else thinks of us changing our minds six months after moving in – if it’s negative, we really don’t care! – we decided to tear off the bandaid and repack everything we just unpacked. We could wait, but why? Time is promised to no one. We’d best get on with it.

We aim to be within 15-30 minutes of London, and we’re already actively searching for that next home. I’ve decided to look back at this time as when we “wintered in Wallaceburg”!

Our listing going live online happened to coincide with Wallaceburg’s town-wide garage sale, in which we took part on Saturday. We had a beautiful day for it and divested ourselves of lots of odds and ends we no longer need.

Wish us luck with the hunt, won’t you? It’s a jungle out there!

2 thoughts on “Room To Move”

  1. Sorry to hear about the move, but if it’s based on family matters, then family comes first and you do what you got to do. Hopefully the house hunt goes well and you find that gem in the ruff, not to ruff, just enough to keep Derek busy with things to do.

  2. Good Luck with your new move Lisa. Ilderton and Lucan (home of Baconfest!) are booming with growth and just 15-20 minutes north of London. It’s a good thing you are so resilient!!

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