SharonStock VIII

A pair of wings with Bottenville Airport Authority - all drawn and written in black script

The annual Botten-and-cousins-fest happened over the weekend. This is the one whose early, backyard days in Sharon, ON brought some of York Region’s finest in uniform to cap the noise.

The following year, the music was acoustic until someone couldn’t stand it and plugged in some amps. More cops and warnings and laughter! You can invite all the neighbours, but someone will still make a fuss.

Four ducks walking across the yard.
This year’s party-crashers flew in for the event.

The annual gathering has grown beyond a big backyard and into a beautiful barn on a nearby blueberry farm owned by a friend of my brother-in-law. For the rental price of allowing the generous farmer to sing a few songs about cowboys and beer, we get the gorgeous space for the night. It rained last year but who knew?

A man wearing a T-shirt that reads, It's all shits and giggles until someone giggles and shits.
an eye-catching tee

This year, the Bottens got a band together, Partridge-family style, without the colourful bus. They were the middle act, between The Dust Monkeys and The Watson St. Band. Bottenville Airport Authority is a take-off on nearby Buttonville Airport. All six Botten siblings are musical, although Derek will tell you he’s not. He played cowbell and emceed. Cowbell is an underrated instrument! It’s obvious if it’s not perfectly on beat, and Derek was perfect.

A view of the stage with, leftto right, a non-Botten on bass, Derek, Barb, Rob, Dave, Colin and Howie - all in matching grey T-shirts sporting the family band logo.
L-R Norm, the non-Botten bass player, Derek, Barb, Rob (on drums), Dave, Colin and Howie.

Kudos to brother Rob and sister-in-law Gail for all of the work they do to plan this event every year. It’s become a must-do for the family and now, the family band!

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