One Mo Time

At the podium, wearing a long, light jacket and floral pants, looking to my left for a cue

That’s an ancient photo of me on a barge in Lake Ontario, emceeing the Symphony of Fire fireworks contest. At that moment, I was looking for a cue from the producer and swallowing a pound of bugs.

I’m booked – rather, rebooked – to deliver a talk at London’s MoMonday next month. I was supposed to do it back in February but a crisis in the family came up and I had to be elsewhere. When I wrote about the event back then, I have no idea why I didn’t include Derek as one of the night’s speakers. He was there and everyone says he was great.

My talk is titled Trust Your Instinct. Many of us were raised to choke down our feelings and honour what we were told, not what our spidey senses told us. Had I not broken through that barrier in a big way, I wouldn’t be here today. It’s a serious story but I can also find the funny in it now.

If you’re going to be in London and like the idea of an empowering night of 10-minute talks from people with great stories to tell, including the wonderful Ken Eastwood, advance tickets are $15 – $25 at the door. And consider telling your own story. Everybody’s got one. It’s not salesy or preachy – it’s a place to share what you’ve learned in a fast-paced, friendly format. And if you’re not in London, there might be a Mo where you go! Check the website HERE.

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