One Man’s Junk

Recently, I lamented on Facebook that there was no junk pick-up service that considered Wallaceburg part of its territory. None. Not the well-known 1-800 company, not a random guy with a truck – nada.

There are plenty of dumpsters available to rent but it’s the path from the basement to the bin that we needed help with. I convinced Derek to scrap the massive treadmill we bought from a gym more than a decade ago. He and I could never carry it up the stairs and wouldn’t want to try.

Enter Major Tom’s Recycling & Junk Removal, aka, Tommy Solo‘s company. Londoners know Tommy as a singer/songwriter and frontman of The Night Crew. Tommy has been a Facebook friend for a long while and he responded to my plea with an offer to come from London and get our treadmill and scrap wood. We agreed on a price and he arrived as promised on Monday morning.

Me, sheltering my eyes from the sun, with Tommy and Corey behind me, holding giant pieces of wood and discussing how to load them in the big pickup bed.
Tommy and Corey planning how they’ll pack the load.

He and his buddy, fellow musician Corey Mitchell, spent some time dismantling the treadmill – not as easy as it sounds. It’s really not meant to come apart. They were tidy and careful, respectful of our home. This is the kind of guy Tommy is and isn’t that the kind of guy you want to hire? So, if you need stuff removed, visit his Facebook page or website. He’s already pretty busy with commercial and residential work but I’d like to send more customers his way. You’ll see that he is on a mission to recycle as much as possible. And I can assure you that he’s a man of his word.

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