A Day at the Lake

Derek reminds me that water levels in Lake Huron have been so low (how low were they?) that the marina in Bayfield had to be dredged so boats didn’t scrape the lake floor. That’s certainly not the case now.

A lawn chair and umbrella about a foot from wet sand as the lake encroaches on beach front.
There isn’t much beach left at Kincardine.

In years past, our friend Geoff’s beachfront cottage had a lot of beachfront. Now, Lake Huron is bloated and taking over the sand. In other areas where there are 30-metre bluffs, the “toe” is being eaten away by the water. More than 700 landowners from Point Clark to Bayfield are being advised to expect to lose up to 10 metres at the top. Some homeowners in Goderich don’t believe the Maitland Valley Conservation Authority’s predictions and are refusing to honour eviction notices. They’ve been told to move their homes that sit right in the erosion zone, and they won’t do it.

In Kincardine, at Geoff’s cottage, the lake will recede again for another season and they’ll get their beach back. Right now, though, a long walk on the beach means navigating around some flora, into the water.

Trees and bushes meet the incoming waves, over sand.

Saturday was a sunny, windy, beautiful day to gather at Geoff’s family’s place, where Derek has been going for decades. The humidity had moved out and it was comfortable, on the edge of cool. Our pal Eddie was there, as well as Al and Heather Campagnola. The last time I saw Al, he was my supervisor at Pelmorex Radio where I worked part-time, in between leaving CHML and starting at CHFI – 20 years ago! We told a million radio stories and enjoyed the sound of lapping waves.

A 60-something man, leaning into the camera frame, grinning. A beautiful German Shepherd beside him looks at the camera. A woman in her 50s, wrapped in a grey shawl, is in mid-sentence, smiling.
Our hosts Geoff and Heather and their dog, Sophie.

Among the group, Geoff is the only one still working in radio full time (in sales) and Eddie, part-time (on The Mitch Albom Show, on 760 AM WJR). Although Ed makes his living as a voice and film actor.

Ed, wearing khaki shorts, a Hawaiian shirt and denim jacket, leaning into me, on a plaid couch with wood paneling in the background.
A true friend will cuddle up to you for a photo, despite your obvious hat head!

Al and Heather now own/operate a 5-star rated, spectacular Airbnb in Niagara-on-the-lake. We love telling and hearing the old radio stories and none of us wishes we were still in the biz.

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