An Apple Core A Day

A black bowl made up of wire swirls holding a half dozen green Granny Smith apples

A new study out of Austria finds we apple eaters might be tossing away the healthiest part of the fruit.

It found that the most beneficial part of the apple is the core and seeds. Researchers looked at specific good bacteria and found very little in the peel and flesh. However, it was highly concentrated in the core and seeds. I have a cousin who eats the entire apple and we all thought he was nuts. He also eats a tomato like a hand-fruit because, hey, it’s a fruit, not a vegetable. He’ll probably outlive us all!

This got me thinking about my favourite part of the broccoli. I like the stalks more than the florets. When I’m cutting up broccoli, I’ll trim the stems and keep them for my own little self because no one else seems to care.

It turns out that even though the florets have more nutrients, the stems still have ’em. So it’s in my best interest not to waste them, anyway.

Since we’re talking about produce, can you please explain the deal with the radish? Did someone just happen upon one, pop it in their mouth and want the rest of us to experience that horror? What’s its purpose? It’s a garnish only and I warn anyone who puts it in a salad that I’m picking it out! And if there’s a green pepper anywhere in sight, I’ll excuse myself and never return. Yes, I am a pepper racist. Red, yellow and orange are fine. Green can’t be trusted.

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