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closeup of Trae Crowder from his Twitter profile - dark-haired man with a trimmed moustache and beard wearing a light denim shirt

Someone recently said that Democrats should look to stand-up comedians if they want advice on how to beat Donald Trump in next year’s election.

As the US marks The Fourth of July, its citizens should consider that idea. Stand-up comics cut through the clutter and find the heart of an issue, including – or should I say especially – politics.

Trae Crowder is one of them. The Liberal Redneck, as he’s known, grew up poor with a drug-dealing mother in a deep, rural part of the southern US with little hope. Now, he espouses funny liberal views via a voice normally associated with huntin’ and anti-immigration sentiments. He’s also an activist for Universal Basic Income.

UBI has been tossed around as an idea for a long while. It probably has a better shot in Canada, even though Ontario Premier Doug Ford cancelled a pilot project before it was complete. (My view: he feared the results would prove the project worked and that’s against his values.) But that doesn’t mean Trae shouldn’t try. Many of those who grew up believing only hard work brought you a better income see UBI as a free ride for the lazy. Studies show that’s not the case. People tend to develop pride when they can be self-sufficient and control their own lives.

Trae is working on a documentary on UBI titled Inherent Good. (You can watch the trailer HERE.) He’s working harder than most US politicians to try to make their country a better place.

*photo of Trae Crowder belongs to Trae Crowder and was borrowed from Trae Crowder’s Twitter feed @traecrowder

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  1. Thank you for having introduced him to me, Lisa. I love the way he thinks. Just wish (and hope) that it’s contagious…..

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