55 Hours for Hope

Since quitting my radio job, Rev. Kevin George is one of the people I miss seeing the most. His weekly visit to the CJBK roundtable was a delight. His Twitter handle, @itsjustkevy, says a lot about who he is.

He’s the Rector of St. Aidan’s Church but he follows notorious atheist Ricky Gervais on Twitter. He admits to having doubts, being flawed, has a wicked sense of humour and works to make the world a better place. We live in a world where religion and faith are being tossed about for political brownie points. Revy Kevy wants nothing to do with any of that.

Cartoon drawing of Revy Kevy on a postcard with details about the 55 Hours for Hope.

And because of him, Derek and I attended church when there was no wedding or funeral underway!

Kevin is attempting to break a record for the longest sermon. He’s going 55 hours straight, ending around 5 pm today. The rules allow him 5 minutes off every hour, and that’s when others including Mayor Ed Holder are filling in. Donations go to Anova – formerly Women’s Community House and Sexual Assault Centre London, and Jesse’s Journey. It looks like this effort will raise about $100-grand. If you’d like to contribute, you can do so HERE.

St Aidan's Church is warm and woody. Revy Kevy looks down at his notes. Only two other people are in view in the pews.
In order to qualify for the record, there must be at least 10 people in the congregation at all times.

Derek and I stayed for two hours beginning at 3:30 am yesterday. It wasn’t difficult to get up at that time again. The laughs, camaraderie, and food for thought from the sermons were more than enough in return. As we left at 5:30, they were preparing to move Kevin outside to a bandshell for the daytime hours.

These are the people I want to spend time with. The ones who are trying to make the city and world better and look for the goodness in others. As Kevy said in a sermon, when you believe in the best of people, sometimes you get screwed over. But most of the time, you don’t.

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