Miss Sugar’s Moving Diary – Entry #8

Miss Sugar splayed out on a quilted furniture cover over a black leather couch

I love Father more than treats, my bacon toy or kibble. Perhaps you know the history, perhaps you don’t. Mother adopted me on her birthday a few years ago. She waited for me to get well because when we met, I was wearing an ugly cone and experiencing some gastric distress. When I finally came home with her and laid eyes on Father, I knew I’d found my protector and BFF for life. Mother says tiny hearts flew up like sparks between us. But I have to confess that I’ve developed a crush on another man.

Steve Harvey looking stunned by something a contestant said on Family Feud.
Isn’t he dreamy?

Yes, Mr. Steve Harvey. Father and I have taken to watching him host Family Feud many evenings. We celebrate when the winning family plays Fast Money and gets $20-grand. But mostly, I think about nestling beside him on his expensive couch and feeling his meaty hand resting gently on my coat. Have I said too much?

It’s possible that I have cabin fever that has rendered me delirious, but I do believe this crush is based on real feelings. When Steve reacts to a dumb answer with a blank look and the studio audience roars, I feel proud.

The other night, Steve asked a contestant: “What is a bad habit that could ruin a woman’s looks?”

The guy responded: “Big nose!”

The stunned look on Steve’s face made my tail twitch!

This development doesn’t mean I love Father any less. I believe that Steve is merely a fantasy to fill a mind that is used to being busier. Mother is feeling it too. Not the crush (although I can’t be sure!) but the need to do more. She washed the furniture covers, my collapsed bed and various other things that really seemed like cleanliness overkill. I’d help her but I can’t reach the knobs on the washer. Plus, I don’t want to encourage her to remove my special scent from my favourite things.

Miss Sugar with one paw over her bacon toy and her head resting on it, not looking very happy.

Like our time in Wallaceburg and our stay in this apartment, this too shall pass. Until then, I have Father and Steve to keep me company, if only in my dreams.

Remember: adopt don’t shop!

Your fur-ever friend,

Miss Sugar

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