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I’ve joked that if I was ever cut open, secrets would explode out of me and fill the room with noise. From details of the Bernardo case, to Tori Stafford and many in between – I’ve locked away so many things that were never made public but that journalists covering the cases were privy to.

Tim Bosma’s abduction and murder rocked me as it did so many other people. It was senseless. Tim, a new Dad, went along on a test drive with a couple of men who claimed they wanted to buy the truck he had for sale. When they didn’t bring him back, a missing person case was launched. Then it was a homicide. Eventually, it became the case of a serial killer: Dellen Millard.

OPP launched a video series whose first episode takes us into the case and the details that led to Millard’s conviction. The video is just a tidy 10 minutes long.

I’m not a big fan of crime fiction (with apologies to my friend, the excellent crime fiction novelist Carolyn Arnold!) And I don’t generally go for true crime either. But this one was different. Tim Bosma was a regular, hard-working guy. He represented our neighbour, our brother, our colleague, our friend. His killers left us all wondering, why didn’t you just take the damn truck? But as the investigators explain, it was never about the truck.

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  1. Looks compelling but these sort of shows really leave me uneasy with everyday people. Well, shot, produced and has great resolution but I don’t know that I’d marathon it. Sorry for the loss of your friend, Lisa. Glad the perp is away basically until he draws his last breath.

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