Miss Sugar’s Moving Diary – Entry #9

Miss Sugar napping with her paws up by her face

Malcolm Gladwell claims it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at something. As a result, I’ve decided that next week, ten blogs will make me an expert blogger. I am a cat, after all. We convert knowledge into expertise much more quickly than humans do.

So, welcome to blog post #9 in my Moving Diary. If you’re just joining us, this endeavor began when Mother and Father decided to uproot us after just 8 months in Wallaceburg. It has been an adventure, to say the least! I have tried to not blame Mother for creating the chaos that is our lives but isn’t it always Mother who gets the blame? This is how I greet her when she returns from an outing.

MIss Sugar, laying with her back to the camera on a black leather couch with a quilted cover on it.

That’s only if she’s alone, of course. Father gets the full hello complete with constant chatter composed of words of love.

You would think that my daily routine of naps followed by more naps would be serene and peaceful. This isn’t so. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been woken up by a smartphone camera in my face. Apparently, I’m too cute for words and every sleeping position must be captured for future enjoyment.

I’ve heard them discussing my adorable sleeping habits and my increasingly loud snore. In case you’re curious, cats can develop sleep apnea. My charming noises might be a sign that a health crisis is afoot! Or more accurately, a throat!

Grumpy cat wearing a tiny CPAP mask.

Did you know that they make CPAP machines for dogs? Well, they do, and it’s only a matter of time before someone suggests one for me. Oh, the humiliation! I could never bear being forced to sleep in one place. This gal has a hundred napping spots and I insist on using them all, every day. It’s about territorial rights. And feminism – yeah, it’s also about feminism! Meow!

I promise to try harder to be kind to Mother. After all, decisions such as the one that created our current chaos are made by both Mother and Father. I’ll give it more consideration after the nap I’m about to take. I do hope to see you here next week when I reach expert status! I love you all, my little autumn gourds!

Your feline friend,

Miss Sugar

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