We Need A Hero

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I’ve been trying to stay away from politics, and, more importantly, political commentary here. Politicians don’t make it easy. They lie – they ALL lie and each and every one of them has one main goal: to get re-elected.

I will say this: Remember when old footage of Andrew Scheer surfaced a few weeks ago, of anti-abortion statements he made in parliament? He hid and refused to address it. When an old photo of Justin Trudeau in brown-face was published this week, he apologized, without reservation, within an hour. The gravity or stupidity of what Trudeau did more than once was revealed on the same day polling showed him with a comfortable lead.

While the leaders argue about character, I’m more concerned about issues. Homelessness. Employment. Health care. Looking after our seniors and veterans the way they deserve. Gun crime.

Canadians are just as sick as most Americans are of watching innocent lives being stolen in mass shootings. And we’re even sicker of those in authority refusing to do anything about it.

That’s what made Democratic hopeful Beto O’Rourke’s marquee moment at last week’s debate such a standout. He didn’t waffle or try to appease any special interest group. He took a strong stand, spoke plainly and definitively, and is willing to politically live or die on that hill.

President Trump claims O’Rourke’s words are making it harder to get a “deal” on stricter gun laws. Anyone with an ounce of sense knows the Cheeto in chief has no desire for any such thing. O’Rourke isn’t in Congress and can’t make his words come to life right now. But you know what you’re getting with him, that’s for certain.

Whether or not he should be President isn’t for me to decide. But this is the kind of leadership that, agree with him or not, deserves respect. Flip it around. If Trump had said, I’m in the back pocket of the NRA and I’ll never agree to gun control, at least he’d be honest and that would deserve a Kudo. O’Rourke is a rarity. He’s leaving no room for misinterpretation. How refreshing in a this era of political wussiness.

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  1. Sadly, a far left stance going into the race may be just the thing that separates an already divided Democratic party enough that the right will exploit that division. Americans don’t want you to take anything away in an election, they only want promises about what you will give them. When your polling numbers are as low as Beto’s, the more shocking your stance the more your soundbite will air, very possibly to the detriment of the party as a whole. Yes, it is still early in the game.

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