No Fixed Address

We were lucky to get this apartment. I held out because I had an instinct that we’d get it, against the odds. It’s owned by a short-term rental company whose various units across the city are almost always booked up.

I’ve enjoyed apartment living before. Most recently, about a decade ago I had a small condo in Toronto we affectionately called The Shoebox. Apartments have lots of upsides. It couldn’t be easier to get rid of garbage and recycling. It’s safe. We’re close to everything we need. The owners were responsive when we had trouble with the Wifi. It has plenty of room. Other tenants are friendly.

However, I get the feeling that we are experiencing a bit of a downward slide in this unit. It’s fully furnished but neglected. The leather couches have tears. Everything just seems unloved. As a result, I nearly fainted when the rental company asked about our move-out so they could tell the cleaners when to arrive. Cleaners? We took over AFTER cleaners were here?!? I was truly shocked.

Only one elevator is working and it got stuck a couple of weeks ago trapping three women for a few hours. And part of the parking lot is being paved so unless we move quickly like bunnies, we have to park off-site. First world problems, I know, but still kind of annoying!

There’s nothing we can do about most things but these three things made our stay easier.

  1. This gizmo. We bought a couple at Lowe’s (in the US) a few years ago and put them around the house. They plug into the regular plugs and give you handy places to charge electronics as well as plug things in. You can move it to wherever it’s needed.
White plug looks like a regular outlet but it's plugged into the outlet. It has two plugs and two USB ports for cords.

2. My own pan. I’ve made everything in this pan from Heritage The Rock. I even mixed muffin batter in it! I have the whole set packed away. There’s another line of cookware called The Rock – this one is Heritage The Rock and there’s a big difference. Canadian Tire has it. Also, it routinely goes on sale. Lucky for me, it was 70% off when I needed it.

Fry pan. Black body with stainless steel handle.

3. Derek is a given. He brings humour, perspective and an eagerness to make things better. But having the care and feeding of someone who depends solely on you is a great distraction and takes your mind off yourself. Miss Sugar is a great prioritizer in our lives. Her comfort and happiness are paramount. She has settled in but she doesn’t have any idea what’s coming. The whole process is about to start all over again!

Miss Sugar curled up and sleeping on her grey, furry pouf.

It wouldn’t take much to show a little pride of ownership here. Some new cupboard handles. A little paint. A half-hour with a drill and some screws to tighten things up. I guess we simply don’t understand why you wouldn’t go to the effort. Still, it’s not our home so we aren’t about to. And I guess that’s the whole problem right there. It isn’t our home.

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