You Better, You Bet

Three plastic toothbrush heads of varying sizes

Here’s a confession. I love using plastic sandwich bags. You know, the ones with the zip closure? I love them! I use them for everything from food storage to stand-ins for plastic gloves. They’re terribly wasteful so I’ve made a promise to myself (and now to you) that I will stop buying them after we move.

That’s one small step for this woman. But what about steps for womankind?

One of the problems is that eco-friendly stuff often costs five or more times as much as the regular item. The good news is, that’s improving. Example: A 12-pack of bamboo and wood toothbrushes goes for about $13 on Amazon. That’s a better value compared to most name brand plastic ones. And reviews left by users say they last just as long.

We just need to do one thing at a time. Whether it’s composting, a bamboo toothbrush or using reusable containers instead of plastic bags. CNN packaged this great article: 14 Easy Product Swaps to Help You Live a More Climate Conscious Life. Honestly, I don’t know why they put the word “climate” in there at all. Climate-change deniers make too much garbage, too!

3 thoughts on “You Better, You Bet”

  1. I can’t imagine a day when I won’t use or require plastic bags, not as long as I have a dog and have to pick up after him. I’ve also used sandwich bags for holding small screws, washers, meals and other odds and ends. I also recycle everything possible.

  2. Thanks for this. I just can’t get over the push back that happens whenever anyone suggests ideas that could help reduce plastic waste. Like straws, etc.. I’m so sick of the older folks (some our age, even) who just scoff at every little idea. They refuse to take responsibility or even any steps to help try to correct the massive wrongs. I don’t get it. Don’t these people have grandchildren they care about? I’m fearing it is too late for a lot of species (including those in our ailing oceans) but every bit helps. The massive a-holes who deny 97% of climate scientists because of a snowflake or an internet meme make me crazy. How did saving the planet become a political football? (Rhetorical question; answer $$$).

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