Flashback Thursday

selfie of me and Ken with the backs of the performers behind us, as we stood backstage waiting to go on. I have a tiny santa hat clipped to the side of my head.

Leaving CJBK, and radio, took a lot of time to decide on. Except for a couple of brief instances here and there, for more than 30 years I’d always had a full-time, steady paycheque-with-benefits kind of job. Did I have what it took to be an entrepreneur?

It turns out that the answer is yes. But it also turns out that my insistence that we cash in our London house and move to modestly-priced Wallaceburg wasn’t the idyllic relocation we’d imagined. However, we learned a lot, figured out what we really needed, and one of the reasons for this week of flashbacks is because we are going for it!

Today’s popular post is basically a collection of photos from my time cohosting on CJBK with Ken Eastwood. My leaving had nothing to do with Ken. In fact, he (and Ryan) were the main reasons I was staying! I still love to bother him and Loreena Dickson on social media and catch up on the goings-on at the station.

A few posts about our move to Wallaceburg and my plans for voice-work etc. are on the all-time most-read list. But this is number one in that weirdly specific genre! And please note that since this item was posted in October 2018, Loreena has become Ken’s permanent co-host.

Post: The Way We Were

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