Green Acres

Truth be told, these acres are brown right now. The feed corn that surrounds us is almost ready for harvest. The soybean fields a little further away came down this week. It was fun to watch the combines come in and get to work.

A pink and gold sky over treetops as the sun begins to rise.

The sunrises here are gorgeous. We can see for miles and many mornings we watch the pink sky slowly turn to gold. And traffic? Forget about it. No one wants to use a gravel road as an alternate route and that’s fine by us.

Buying a house in Ontario is usually a struggle but we were able to bypass the feeding frenzy. We loved this place when we toured it but decided not to become one of nine bidders. We’d just been through that with a fixer-upper in Dorchester that ultimately went for $84k over asking. It needed that much more in repairs and whoever purchased it is already upside-down on its value. No thanks, not us.

This place needs a few things – all homes do – but it’s in fixed-up condition. The seller had done the major work to bring the 150-year-old house up to date.

We heard from our agent that the winning bidders were having problems securing financing. The owners already granted them an extension. Trouble for them meant opportunity for us. We submitted a back-up offer. It was a long-shot, but if the original deal didn’t work out, the house would instantly be ours. Derek and I agreed to let fate decide.

Fate said it’s yours! I consider us fairly experienced in home-buying and we had never even heard of a back-up offer. Other than the six-week gap between home closures, there were no big bumps in the road of our move back closer to London.

But it’s not all sweetness and light and fairy dust! It never is. Next week, some of the compromises one makes to live deep in the sticks.

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