California Dreaming

My Facebook memories are popping up with photos of last year’s visit to Palm Speings. We are with the same wonderful people and dog! This trip began in San Francisco and will end with a coastal drive back to that city. Here is a sample of stuff (and Molly!) we’ve seen so far.

Little white-and-buff Molly looks up at the camera while sitting on a blue and cream rug.
Our wonderful pal Molly. Devoted furbaby of Erin Davis and Rob.
My smiling face peeks through a hole cut in a giant plywood painting of a guy sitting back drinking wine. The phrase Welcome to Paso Robles is painting beside the cutout.
Derek waves into the small solitary confinement cell at Alcatraz. It has two sets of bars and a solid door which are all open and visible to the side.

Alcatraz – solitary.

A large poster in the prison library reads, These men read more serious literature than the ordinary person in the community. Philosophers such as Kant, Schopenhauer, Hegel, etc., are especially popular. The quote comes from the 1960 Federal Bureau of Prisons Booklet
Derek looks into a lighted cell at one end of a long row of cells. There are two floors of them on each side of the walkway.
Derek poses near a railing along the water's edge at Alcatraz. The Golden Gate Bridge is in the background.

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