Tree Huggers and Rainbow Admirers

Indian Canyon is a hiker’s paradise. On a beautiful day, wearing comfy shoes, we enjoyed the old trees and the sand underfoot.

A palm tree has grown about four feet straight up and then another six feet parallel to the ground before going up again.
A view from the ground up through a grove of palm trees.
A small pond with palms dotted around it and mountains in the background.
A huge white disc that reads Randy Rainbow live and includes his logo of fuschia cats-eye sunglasses.
The YouTube star is now performing live – totally worth it! Hilarious and wonderful!
Erin and I wearing pink feather boas and tipping our cats-eye sunglasses down our noses, to the camera.
Getting in the spirit with fabulous feather boas and dark specs.
A shot of the stage with Randy's logo above, four musicians and Randy gesturing to the audience as he sings.
A live band and a combination of his videos and live performance. We ♥️ you Randy Rainbow!

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