It Never Rains in California

If you’re old enough, you might recognize today’s title as a song lyric from the 1972 soft rock hit, It Never Rains in Southern California. Albert Hammond wrote and sang it. And if you know the song, it goes on to say: It pours, man, it pours.

As Canadians, we know too well that there’s nothing you can do about the weather, except complain about it. Cold winds and rain moved into Palm Springs and followed us up the coast to San Francisco. But we decided to not let it dampen (sorry!) our plans.

Derek posing in front of the Santa Barbara Marina with blue sky, fluffy white clouds, boat masts and mountains in the background.
Santa Barbara.

After a wonderful, memorable week in beautiful Palm Springs with Erin, Rob and Molly, we set out to finish the coastal drive we began last year. Night one: Santa Barbara. It’s a lovely town with brick sidewalks and lots of twinkling lights. We walked it for about three hours, popping in an out of shops and somehow choosing the only restaurant without its own bathroom! The food was great, though. In the morning, we walked the long pier and along the marina.

Derek walks ahead down a street with shops visible further along. A walkway from one side to the other overhead reads Aneas Sardine Products Co. Inc.

Next up – Monterey. Pictured above is the start of Cannery Row. It’s a gorgeous walk along the waterfront that’s peppered with hotels, restaurants and shops as well as the remnants of sardine processing plants. It’s a nod to Monterey’s beginnings. Scuba diving is big here. And out on the wharf you can hear seals barking.

If you love poking through antique stores like we do, the massive two-story antique mall on Cannery Row is a must. Take me with you! I don’t think I saw half of it.

A shot taken through the rain-soaked tour bus windshield shows our view ahead of the Golden Gate Bridge.
Golden Gate Bridge

Then it was back to San Francisco. The above photo gives you an idea of how wet it was on our Big Bus hop on hop off tour. Still, we sat up top of the double-decker bus for the view. The highlight for us was Haight Ashbury, the epicenter of late 60s pop culture and home to the Grateful Dead, Joplin, Hendrix and more.

A couple of colourful store signs and a pair of giant women's legs sticking out an upstairs window. They're wearing fishnet stockings and bright pink pumps.
When everything stands out, you have to try harder!

There’s tie-dye as far as the eye can see! But it’s more than that. It’s history and it’s music.

Derek leans against the lamp stand at the corner of Haight and Ashbury.

At the end of a cold, rainy day, the Chowder Shack called our name. I’m not much for taking food photos but this stuff was so beautifully served and delicious, I had to.

A round bread bowl filled with clam chowder and garnished with fresh parsley. Beside it sits the cut out top and a pat of butter.

Happy despite wrecked hair and cold feet – California doesn’t disappoint, even when it rains.

I'm smiling in front of a sign that reads Fisherman's Wharf of San Francisco while people busily mill about and walk past in the background.

But the heart of the trip was Palm Springs and the easy friendship and fun of being with our generous hosts.

Molly has warmed my lap on many couches in many locales. I love this little furball.

Molly is curled up and sleeping on a blue fleece throw on my lap.

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  1. Sounds like a lovely trip. Minus the rain. Loved the pics of you and Erin at The Purple Room.
    I’m sure your fur baby will be so excited that you’re home!

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