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Happy New Year! May 2020 be the year of YOU. I wish you hope and purpose, as well as love. I’ve come to realize that happiness isn’t something you get, it something you decide on. So I hope you decide to be happy!

One of the things I’m most excited about professionally this new year is my company White Hat’s collaboration with the makers of a wonderful new product: One Tabs. I wanted to give you a preview of what it can do before Scott and I unleash it on the world. And, perhaps gather your thoughts if you choose to try it.

One Tab is the result of many years of work by chemists and others, with the mission to reduce plastic waste without compromising a clean home or workplace.

The One Tab all purpose tabs - 4 of them - come blister-packed to branded, thin cardboard instead of in a bottle. The all-purpose board is yellow and in this photo, is leaning on White Hat PR's white stetson.

The idea is that you already have a bottle so you don’t need to buy another one. Rinse that bottle, plop in a tab, fill with warm water and you have a cleaner as good or better than anything on the market. And you haven’t created more plastic. It saves money, too. Four tabs (ie four bottles) cost about as much as 2.5 bottles of Windex or what have you.

The company behind One Tabs disrupted the vehicle rust-proofing market with Oil Gard in the 1970s. Oil Gard was the first effective non-toxic rust inhibitor, and it’s still the top choice for rust prevention today. They have been environmentally-minded since long before the rest of us even considered our effect on the planet.

Please, take a look at the One Tab website, read about the different types, see the many applications for homes, as well as industry. They’re different from other products that claim to accomplish the same goals. There are four consumer formulations: all-purpose, bathroom, glass and anti-bacterial. They’ve got loads of testing and science to back them up. You could eat the tabs if you wanted to – but why would you want to?! The simple idea that you don’t need to buy a plastic bottle every time you need cleaner just makes sense. It’s less weight to ship, less room on store shelves – there are so many positive reasons for it.

I’ve been using the all-purpose cleaner on, well, everything! It has a delicate scent and doesn’t leave behind any residue, which I love. Scott’s self-described clean-freak wife has been using it as have my Mom and sister-in-law. Thumbs-up all around. There’s a dishwasher descaler (if you have hard water) and other machine-specific formulas.

Right now, they’re only available online and in Elmira’s Home Hardware, where they’re doing a market test. This is brand-spanking new and we’re excited about White Hat’s involvement. If you do decide to check them out and/or try them, I’d love to know about your experience. Thanks!

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  1. Took a brief look at the One Tab site and my first question which I will be submitting to them is, if your tablets are colour coded to identify which type of tablet you have, how would someone who is colour blind or actually blind be able to identify the tablets if they order multiple tablet products? I’m sure there are instructions on the packaging but that won’t help the blind.

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