Miss Sugar’s Holiday Highlights

Miss Sugar stretched out on her fuzzy grey pouf, looking directly at the camera

This holiday season has been filled with so many wonder-fur moments! The gifts, the joy, the long cozy naps. My world has been full of delights and activity, coupled with respect for my personal space.

Although it was noisy and unpredictable – two of my least favourite attributes – Christmas Eve was also rather enjoyable. I recognized most of the voices as having been within earshot at one time or another. A couple of them tip-toed upstairs to check on my welfare. But no one insisted that I join the party, which I appreciated. Sadly, my humans completely forgot to take group photos. Father only captured beaming Botten brothers enjoying the wonders of his old Ford tractor.

Colin sits on the tractor and looks seriously at the steering column as Rob, standing beside the beast, shows him how it works.
Rob (#2) shows Colin (#5) how to operate the tractor!

After the clanking of dishes and singing of Happy Birthday to Father, I ventured down to the living room. More than a half-dozen people acknowledged my arrival with happy tones. Feeling welcome, I leaped upon the grey chaise and positioned myself like a lion sculpture at the mouth of a world bank. Uncle Howard joined me and spoke softly as he stroked my fur. I felt like the princess I was born to be. Then the bathroom became vacant and I quickly left to complete my downstairs mission.

My presence was a hit but so were my presents! Christmas morning was a joyous mix of crumpets, coffee, and crumpled wrapping paper. Although I did receive a crinkly shark toy, as I’d hoped, nothing matches the crinkling of a plastic bag. I don’t know how it ended up within my reach but I claimed this one and refused to let it go!

Moss Sugar's front half covers a Shoppers Drug Mart bag, which she appears to be guarding with her life!
My bag. MINE!

Father immediately buttoned on the cozy shirt I purchased by proxy. And he got my subtle hint via the grooming glove, also a gift from me.

Miss Sugar has her back to the camera as she sits, relaxed on her fuzzy pouf while Derek's hand can be seen stroking her back with a grooming mitt.
Note the sleeve? Both of my gifts to Father are in view!

My heart aglow, I demonstrated the ultimate spirit of interspecies friendliness. I designated some of my allowance toward a gift for my cousin, Nacho. Mother told Nacho’s story HERE. Even though I, too, was a shelter animal, I didn’t endure the horrors that my cousin experienced. We haven’t actually met – she is a filthy dog, after all. But we’ve been in the same house at the same time and I’ve obviously survived. So, that, coupled with my empathy for her rough start in life, makes me sympathetic toward her. Mother purchased a toy for her at my request. Nacho isn’t really into toys, but I had a feeling she’d accept one from her only cousin.

Nacho naps with her head facing away from the camera and one paw on her rectangle toy that's a replica of a package of Razzle candy.
Even napping Nacho keeps a paw on her toy.

Tonight, we bid farewell to a year filled with upheaval and uncertainty. And we welcome a new year filled with possibilities. My people have made a tradition of quiet New Year’s Eves at home. They’ll make a seafood feast, watch a movie, and probably go to bed before the clock strikes twelve. I’ll wait until they settle and then snuggle between them. When they’re finally asleep, I’ll gently pad away to my ottoman and sleep deeply, dreaming of my life as it is. Because no dream could be better than what I have right now.

Happy New Year, my lovelies! Thank you for your visits, comments, and well-wishes. I love you all!

Miss Sugar

5 thoughts on “Miss Sugar’s Holiday Highlights”

    1. Miss Sugar sounds like you have had a pretty good year.You are lucky to have the humans you have in your home.It is kind of you to let them live there
      I hope the best for 2020

  1. Happy Mew year Miss Sugar, and to your humans as well! I do enjoy reading your mewsings every week! Wishing Lisa and Derek much happiness and success this coming year??? Cheers!

    1. Happy New Year to you and Mother and Father. “Choose to be happy” is a good thing. Happy Belated to Father too ❤️ Xo

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