Dis Business of Distancing

I’m not entirely sure what’s happening, my fellow litter diggers, but I’m happy to share what’s been going on.

Except for one trip to pick up enough groceries for themselves and a small village, my humans haven’t left the house in more than a week. Well, Father went out once with his buddy to pick up a trailer. But I did notice that Mother gave him a small bottle of clear liquid to take with him. What it was, I’ll never know. The cat is always the last one to get any news.

Miss Sugar's face in profile with a sunbeam behind her.

Yes, my people have worked from home for some time now, but it’s never been like this. They’re always here. I never have the house all to myself! What if I want to run through the house singing Cat People at the top of my little lungs? That’s not something you do when there are witnesses.

I find myself having to constantly check on what they’re doing. To my dismay, it’s never that interesting, really. Not a dangling string or dancing laser light to be found. But it’s in my job description as Security Advisor, Lead Soprano and Kibble Monitor to be aware of the goings-on.

Miss Sugar stretched out on her back with my hand scratching her belly.

Thankfully, there has been plenty of time to have many more moments like this than usual. Where there’s a hand, you’ll find my outstretched belly, waiting for attention. All is calm. No visitors arrive. My humans seem happy enough. Occasionally, one of them will talk on their black rectangle to someone or something I can’t see. Much of the time they retreat to their workrooms to do whatever it is they do. That much hasn’t changed.

The house is the cleanest it’s ever been. Mother painted the upstairs doors and other tasks are getting finished. A honey-do list on the fridge is becoming shorter and shorter. Spring has arrived and Mr. Sunbeam visits more often now. We love to nap together.

How long will this go on? If anyone knows, they’re not telling the cat. I take careful note of the contents of my food cupboard and it looks well stocked. I’ll simply have to trust in my humans for what choice do I have? Maybe this is the new normal. If that’s the case, I think we’re going to be okay.

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  1. I’m glad Miss Sugar is adjusting to the new normal…she’s lucky to have such purrfect patents who love and take care of her as you do.
    Stay well, stay sane, stay away –

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