The Big Deal

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Misinformation about COVID-19 is traveling at the speed of light. Reactions range from hysteria (TP hoarding) to stupidity (See Donald Trump/Mike Pence) to apathy (what’s the big deal?). I find myself getting angry while viewing social media which is not the way I normally react to ignorance.

I rely on medical experts like Dr. Chris Mackie, London’s Medical Officer of Health when it comes to the facts. But as you likely know, it isn’t just about not getting it, it’s about not spreading it. Max Brooks may have said it best in this short video:

When my Dad was alive and experiencing mid and late-stage Parkinson’s Disease, I got the flu shot without fail. Some friends didn’t hesitate to tell me I was a fool and a pawn. Suddenly, they were wannabe medical experts who couldn’t wait to advise me on how to live my life. But it wasn’t about me.

I know how the flu vaccine works. It includes dead viruses from the last flu season and it’s not always on the mark for the next season’s virus. It mutates and evolves. But if it reduced my risk of getting the flu by even 10%, it was worth it to me to have less of a chance to pass it to my Dad, whose immune system wasn’t as strong as mine.

For me, the flu was inconvenient. For my Dad, the flu could have been fatal.

So, to those people who lectured me, I say, screw you. Science always wins. It wins over prayer, hope, assumption and the opinion of someone who “read this article one time that said…”.

It’s not hysteria to be cautious. And when this is all over, anyone who says “what was that about? Hardly anyone got sick or died!”, will get a throat punch. Hardly anyone here getting sick or dying is why public health officials are issuing these directives. Yeah, it sucks. The vacation was canceled and the kids are at home for weeks and too much togetherness can make a person nuts. We’re all concerned about peoples’ livelihoods and the economy. But we’re also not getting sick and passing it on to someone who might not survive it.

In the ocean of life, these weeks are but a few drops of water. This is the time to suck it up, be grown-ups and show each other what we’re made of. Let’s be patient, kind and wash our damn hands.

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  1. I hear you, Lisa. I told my sister I would stop crossing the border to visit her on Sundays before they chose to close the border. She wasn’t happy about it and neither was I. I arranged for friends to take her to get them. I wore neoprene gloves to the radio station this week and couldn’t figure out why I was the only one. Now I just got a text that my sister in law on the Canadian side contracted the Corona Virus while on business in NY. She spread it to her partner when she returned. (Government employees seem to get tested quickly) My sister’s groceries will be bought for her now and left on her porch so she has zero contact with anyone. Video of young people in Georgia laughing it off and carrying on as usual, kids on Spring break at the beach with nary a thought for their own folks at home pisses me off and shows you what a SHITTY job the Trump Administration has done handling this situation. Denial for politic’s sake over the greater public safety. I can’t think of a more reprehensible behavior on the part of a Politician on this continent.

    1. Stay safe, Ed. Thanks for the update. And yes, Trump’s been awful and ignorant and his base still loves him so… there you go.

  2. My aunt (93) lives in the nursing home in Oshawa that just announced 4 cases of corona virus. The patients are not on her floor, thankfully. Will it ever be discovered who brought it in to the home? Good grief people, stay home for a few weeks. It likely won’t kill you, but the virus just might. At least most of us don’t have to worry about our next meal, not like our parents & grandparents during the depression & war. I like to think science & hope & prayer all work together to give us sensible answers. Now, if only the idiots who won’t do what is asked of them would listen & quit making a bad situation even worse. Quit being so selfish. And a heartfelt thank you to all in ANY kind of essential service. I had to go to the grocery store yesterday and the personnel were still smiling despite the strain they must be under. Thank you , thank you, thank you! Bless you all.

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