Playing Dress Up

Close up of Miss Sugar's face while she snuggles in a puffy white comforter.

Human beans are getting bored with being stuck at home. It feels like it’s been nearly forever since the panda-emic began, and we were all told to stay in our houses and self deprecate. But once again, my attitude is gratitude and I’ll tell you exactly why.

Miss Sugar portrait shows her wearing an 18th century cloak with a medallion at the neckline

Many cats and kittens are being subjected to the cruelest of anti-boredom activities: dressing them in a costume. I’m grateful that my own two beans have not attempted to put me through this ordeal! You may recall that my garb for this special portrait was a digital enhancement. But other creatures aren’t so lucky and here is the evidence:

Cat wearing a fuzzy, light brown teddy bear hat. Most of the bear's head is above the cat's face. The cat peeks out below the bear's mouth.
Cat as a teddy bear

The embarrassment of my poor fellow felines is almost palpable! Imagine their discomfort. Cats are purrfect as they are but their human beans are insisting on disguising them as less important creatures.

Stretched out tiger striped cat dressed in a black and yellow bee costume.
Cat as a bee.

Who would dress a cat as its own food? We eat chickens, we don’t want to be them!

A cat in a chicken costume with the chicken's head resting on the top of the cat's head.
It’s finger lickin’ get this off me!

This one makes more sense to me. The human bean wishes to become like his cat while the cat remains his beautiful self.

A man wears a cat mask or hood that looks just like the cat he's holding.
Imitation is flattery!

This little miss looks like she’s tolerating the indignity and at least she’s been made into the princess she deserves to be!

A regal-looking cat wearing a gold, puffy jacket and a gold crown.
Hello my peasants!

This is the only costume that would not cause me to erupt in howls of displeasure. It is destiny fulfilled. The house cat as king of the jungle. If self-esteem was a headdress, this would, indeed, be it.

cat in a tree with a lion's mane hood on it
Hear me roar!

Although I seem safe from the confines of tiny human clothing, one can never be assured that given an inch, one’s human beans won’t take a mile. One minute you’re allowing them to fasten a lion’s mane to your head and the next, they’re sewing a Gumby outfit and turning you into a rubber toy! So my stance will be, now and forever, no costumes! And I’m happy to report that my human beans have shown no signs of wanting to dress me in anything other than my own beautiful coat. Whew!

2 thoughts on “Playing Dress Up”

  1. Hey Sugar – thanks for the picture of the cat-head guy holding his/her cat. When I awaken screaming tonight, I’ll think of you!!! (I’d rather see the MOVIE Cats than that image. LOL. Scary Human Been.)

  2. Oh man! Don’t get me started on what I think of people that treat their fur friends like they are toys.

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