Old Bugs and New Muse

Miss Sugar sitting on the edge of an ottoman with her front paws crossed

Hello cats and kittens and welcome back to my mental scratching post! You’re as appreciated here as a piece of tuna dropped on the floor. Thank you for returning to find out what I’m up to.

Not much.

A full shot of Sugar lying on a white comforter with one paw by her head as if she's waving

We did have a family road trip last week as we spent one long, lazy afternoon in a large building with many rooms to explore. You see, our home was being sprayed by the Man With The Hose. Mother and Father said we had a “ladybug invasion”. I must admit that I enjoyed watching the buzzing little creatures that flew within my grasp. However, they weren’t ladybugs at all, although they look just like them. They’re called invasive Asian beetles that eat plants and bite people if given the chance. This is what I found out about them:

Asian lady beetles have now become a nuisance pest in other crops in the U.S. and Canada, and to people. They do not have many natural enemies.

It’s believed that this beetle species was first mass introduced to the northeastern U.S. in the 1960s by the US Department of agriculture, in an attempt to establish it as a natural control mechanism for agricultural pests. It’s also believed that the first Asian beetle came to Canada via Nova Scotia, on a vehicle that had visited the state of Maine.

So say Internet Entomologists
Derek lying on a leather couch beside a huge stone fireplace, reading his Kobo, while Sugar relaxes below him on the floor.
I’m happiest when Father’s content!

So, while the beetles were sent off to their great reward, we read, napped, ate, lounged and I explored. It was a wonderful family day. Bye-bye beetles!

That’s the news. Now, on to my new muse.

Perhaps you recall that the late, great Grumpy Cat was a personal hero of Mother and me. Not only do I wish to be as famous (and as rich!) as this storied feline, but he appealed to my darker side. Yes, I’m a sweet cat with a positive disposition, but I can appreciate a dark joke. Otherwise, how would I have gotten along so well with Mother and her twisted sense of humour for all of these years?

Me, making a grumpy face while holding my new Grumpy Cat t-shirt. The cat face is the size of an ottoman!
Mother and her Xmas gift a few years back!

Since the passing of GC, we’ve been waiting for a new frowning feline to take her place. I believe we have a strong contender. Meet Kitzia!

Kitzia, who some are calling the new Grumpy Cat, looking very upset, which is her natural look. She's leaning over a bowl of food.
Photo by Viktoriia Otdielnova

Her resting bitch face is attracting fans from all over the world. Kitzia is Ukranian for Kitty which was my name before I was surrendered to the authorities at the Humane Society. We are destined to be BFFs!

Kitzia has 61,000 followers on Instagram and a growing fan base that includes this little floof right here! I predict it won’t be long before this surly-looking puss finds fame and fortune, as well as her pinched face, on memes like these:

meme with closeup of Grumpy Cat and text: I haven't had my coffee yet. I'll hate you more after I wake up

Coffee and cats. Well, one cat in particular. Their importance in this beetle-free home cannot be overstated.

With love and thanks for stopping by here again, my friends. I hope you have a wonderful week and get all the belly rubs you desire!

Your friend in furballs,

Miss Sugar

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