Calendar Photo Shoot – Behind the Scenes

Miss Sugar checking out Danielle the photographer

Well, my little kibble crunchers, here we are as promised, one day late for my Tuesday blog post. And now, a peek into my photo shoot yesterday for the 2021 Humane Society of London & Middlesex calendar, in which yours truly will represent February – the month of loooooove!

I was told to expect a “stylized photo shoot” and as I groomed myself in preparation, I wondered what that might mean. I concluded that as long as it did not involve filthy dogs or a more talented cat – if one even exists! – I would be happy to oblige.

Danielle the photographer arrived at the appointed time and what a delight she was, showering me with compliments and her happy demeanor. However, friends, I must admit to being a little nervous about my first modelling job. I’m afraid I didn’t give Danielle exactly what she wanted at first despite her best efforts to put me at ease.

The photographer kneels on a giant piece of paper affixed with pink paper hearts while Miss Sugar ignores her.
I usually can’t resist paper, but its crinkle held no allure at first!

I will admit to you, here, privately, that I even wandered away from the setting a couple of times. Mother or Father always gently brought me back. And when it seemed I might tire of the whole photographing process, we took a break or, “took five”, as we say in the biz.

A toy on a stick is blurry in the foreground as Danielle waves it and attracts Miss Sugar's attention.
Wait a minute! Is that a thing on a stick? I love things on sticks!

Mother held up the background and Danielle’s black rectangle clicked maniacally but we still weren’t getting the “money shot” as we also say in the biz. Then Mother hit upon an idea. My treats are rationed as my loving parents attempt to regulate my weight for health’s sake. This leaves me one thing in common with a a filthy dog. I will work for treats! Father dashed to the kitchen, grabbed a handful of delicious treats, put them on the paper, and what followed was photographic magic!

I’m not at liberty to show you the final photo because we want everyone to purchase a calendar, and help the homeless dogs and cats of the Humane Society. If we give you the milk for free, you won’t want to buy the cow! That makes no sense, really, because father drinks a lot of milk and I’ve never seen a cow up close. But I digress.

Danielle wasn’t done with me yet! My session also included a few candid photos just for us. We’ll receive the professionally finished ones soon.

Miss Sugar on her grey cushion pawing at the feathers on a stick that Danielle is waving as she takes photos.

And once I got the hang of this supermodel thing, there was no stopping me!

Miss Sugar lying on her side on her grey cushion and Danielle's head and camera visible as she snaps away.
Work with me, baby!

After Danielle left, I continued to pose, much to Mother’s delight!

Miss Sugar looking up at the camera from a rug that looks like a 45 record.

And then I slept the sleep of a grateful cat whose pictorial presence will be out sometime in the fall, and help to raise money for homeless and helpless cute cats, rehabilitated rabbits and filthy dogs. The Humane Society took me in when no one else would and I’ve never forgotten their kindness.

Until next week, my little yarn shredders.

Your friend,

Miss Sugar

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  1. Delightful! Congratulations on your first foray into the world of modelling – as a senior AND a plus-sized superstar! You’ll be throwing cell phones and dating Leo DeCaprio (not as lion-like as his name would suggest, dear) in no time!

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