Ready for my Close-up

Miss Sugar lying on a carpet and looking into the camera

Well, my little self-groomers, my photo shoot for the Humane Society of London-Middlesex 2021 calendar is booked! Here’s the scoop.

As you might recall, the calendar models were chosen by votes (aka donations) and yours truly landed at #11 in the top 12. Every other creature involved is a filthy dog. I’m the only feline – in fact, the only superior living thing of any kind!

When the lovely Miranda from the Society reached out to schedule my professional photographic session, she explained that it was going to be held outdoors. As an indoorsy type of gal (as I believe all cats should be) I was taken aback. Was I really expected to romp in flea-riddled grass with 11 grubby canines? I think not!

Miranda was already prepared for me to balk, familiar as she is with the delicate nature of a ragamuffin such as myself. So, while the lesser animals cavort with each other in a canine cattle call, I will receive the lovely shutterbug Danielle here at my home, where all of her attention shall be focused on me and me alone. The way it should be. It’s what I deserve.

So, I’ve been working on my poses.

Miss Sugar on a grey cushion sitting strangely. She is upright with one leg tucked under her and the other straight out. One paw is beside her and the other is stretched past the outstretched leg. She's looking into the camera.
I’m not weird, you’re weird!

Mother feels this one is too complicated, however I believe it’s a truly original posture for a cat. Perhaps future generations will call it The Miss Sugar. No? Okay. I’ll try again.

Sugar is lying beside her scratching gizmo that looks like a long toilet brush attached to a platform at both ends. She's not looking at the camera.

I call this “cute and coy”.

Again, I’m told this isn’t quite right. Apparently I should look into the camera lens, not into my favourite scratching thingy.

Sleepy-faced Miss Sugar looks at the camera from within a bunched up mess of sheets and comforter. She looks cozy and comfy.

This is my “come hither and rub my belly, silly human” look. Perhaps a bit too bold for February, the month I’ve been assigned.

Miss Sugar is back on her grey cushion. Her body is in the foreground, lying comfortably, and her head is turned to look at the camera. Her paws are together, demurely, on the edge of the cushion.

Again, I fear this might be too much for the average calendar-buyer to bear. My charms leap off the page and I worry I’m too attractive here. A good model holds something back, some allure, some mystery. In this one, I’m giving it all away!

I’ll keep working on it.

Even though photog Danielle is probably more accustomed to capturing the less charismatic images of dopey dogs and hapless hamsters, I’ll do my best to reserve judgment until we meet. Perhaps she has invested in a magnetism filter and this will be her opportunity to use it to tone down my pizzazz. Otherwise, I fear for those who purchase the calendar. How will they ever turn the page to March?

The shoot is scheduled for July 21 so I have one week to narrow my poses to a few to present on that day. My weekly post will be delayed by one day so I can show you what happened behind the scenes! Patience, please.

Between sniffing at scents and listening to birds through the screen door, and planning my moves for my modelling debut, my life is definitely more interesting than watching cat grass grow.

Thank you for visiting and feel free to share your thoughts on my perfect pose. I’ll take it into consideration!

Until next week, my lovelies. May all the cat fur tumbleweeds you encounter be your own.

Your feline friend,

Miss Sugar

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