Guess What? (Chicken Butt!)

You probably still have turkey on your mind and possibly in your fridge. As for me, I’m so happy that things are back to normal around here. Today, I can return to my mission of helping you help me helping you to help me even more. And by me I mean “we”, the feline species. Let’s get to it!

Ewwww. Did you know that turkeys and chickens only have one hole through which they do everything, including lay eggs? EWWWW! No wonder the egg-washer was invented! Once again, cats rank higher on the evolutionary ladder than a pitiful single-holed creature. We may not lay eggs, but we have many holes designed for different purposes.

But why, you might ask, do we insist on giving you a close-up view of our butts? If you haven’t experienced this butt-close and personal, here’s how it happens. You’re having a bonding moment when all of a sudden your cat will position its posterior toward your face and you simply don’t understand its meaning. Oh sure, we respond, you don’t question it when it’s your beloved butt-shaking starlet!

J-Lo's butt during a performance, covered in a see-through glittery catsuit.
J Lo’s butt in performance.

It’s true. We do enjoy turning our backs to you and presenting our butt as if it’s the trophy for Most Loved Human Bean. And in a way, that’s what it is.

As explained by a veterinary expert , we felines have a keen sense of smell. We sniff the air, sniff our food and we also sniff you. So, we reason, why wouldn’t you want to sniff us?

Mother sniffs the top of my head. But that’s not where I keep my special scent. So, I show her my butt so we can really get to know each other. It’s my own way of saying, hello human bean. However, no matter how many times I attempt this exchange of atmosphere, she refuses to take me up on my generous offer.

Instead, she scratches the spot above my tail that I can’t reach on my own, which is almost as good.

Presenting the butt is polite! Think of it as a cat handshake. Ignore it if you must but know that it’s being done out of love and a wish for you to get to know us better. How can we be sure that you won’t glean important information this way? So, I promise you, we will continue to try. We would also appreciate it if you’d reciprocate but, please, only in the privacy of your home. Unless you’re J-Lo and then, all butts are off!

Until next week, my little multi-holed beauties,

I remain your friend,

Miss Sugar

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