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Miss Sugar curled up and looking off into the distance

I don’t know where to begin, dear reader. I suppose I should start with my absence from this space. When Mother left and did not return home for many weeks, she also did not capture my Tuesday musings for publication. My tender age notwithstanding, I’m decidedly old school when it comes to technology, preferring to pass her my thoughts orally, one mewl at a time.

Father did attempt to connect us on occasion, using his small, hand-held rectangle. But it was so confusing! There was Mummy’s face! I heard her voice! But I couldn’t smell her or deposit my fur on her clothing. It put me, as Father described it, “out of sorts”, so they abandoned the process.

He would refer to her often so I clung to the hope that she would return but honestly, my little litter tossers, I wasn’t sure. He took on all the chores that she used to do, such as keeping my bathroom clean and washing my bowls. And although I don’t have a clock or a calendar of my own with which to mark the passage of time, it seemed she was away a long time. Longer than, say a trip to the grocery store or an overnighter at a friend’s place.

Then, last Wednesday night, it happened. I heard her unmistakable voice downstairs and soon, she was next to me on our bed, saying sweet things about how much she missed me. Was it a mirage? Father seemed quite pleased and joyful! She was real enough to him, but I wasn’t sure so I mewled at full volume until she backed away for a while. I needed time to think!

My head is down as Miss Sugar sniffs my forehead and you can see the brush being pulled across her fur.

Later, I approached her on my own terms, as she and father watched TV. And we had our reunion, nose to nose and full of love. Father prefers the hands-on method of fur maintenance but Mother employs the wonderful magic brushes. She brushed me for the first time in nearly two months and I’m not ashamed to tell you, my little dust bunny catchers, it was heaven!

Miss Sugar close up, looking indifferent and away from the camera.

However, it will take some time before our relationship is fully restored. It’s not as if I’m a ridiculous filthy dog that professes its love for anyone it sees! My devotion takes time to earn, and to earn back. I want to be sure that she’s not going to go away again. As sure as any cat can be, I suppose. So I’m employing the cat-invented method of come-here-go-away until she proves she’s here to stay.

In the meantime, things are as normal as I could hope for. Father had to go away for a couple of days, but that’s given Mother and I time to renew our bond. Still, I’m making her work for my attention.

If I stare at his chair long enough, will he magically appear?

She vacuums furniture, I cover it in hair. She walks past and I throw up a partially eaten bug. She wants to sleep in and I insist she get up early to feed me breakfast. It’s a lot like old times!

Until next week, my little chair hoggers, I remain your friend,

Miss Sugar

5 thoughts on “Mom Came Home – Miss Sugar Writes”

  1. Oh Sugar, what a sweet rendering of your reunion with your mom. Be kind and give her some extra cuddles if you would; she’s had her heart broken and needs a little extra love. And don’t forget to let her sleep in on the 8th. It’s her birthday and she deserves all the love you can conjure up! ❤️?❤️

  2. Awww! Sounds puuurfect. So happy for you all. This homecoming was extra special. Virtual Hugs to you. (Allergies- sorry!)

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