The Sounds of Sugar

close up of Miss Sugar looking totally relaxed as Derek's hand strokes her back

Hello, my little catnip crunchers! Welcome once again to my paws for the claws in my never-ending quest to bridge the gap between lesser and greater beings. Greater being, of course, the fabulous felines of the world!

I’ve undergone a bit of a personality transformation in the past couple of years. When I shared my human beans with Spicey, the original cat of this household, I was more demure and kept my opinions to myself. It was easier than finding myself in an argument with my older (and grumpier) house mate. But, since I’ve become the undisputed Queen of the county, I’ve been more likely to share my vocal prowess. This cougar likes to chatter!

Miss Sugar's eyes are closed and her mouth is wide open.
Mid-yawn – but it looks like I’m singing!

However, cat people the world over continue to express confusion at my various forms of intonation. That’s why I’m here every week, my little ottoman ocelots. Let’s break it down.

The purr: This seems like an easy one. Purring mostly signifies contentment. However, we kitties also purr in times of stress to calm ourselves. Don’t get the idea that we’re enjoying that needle at the vet just because we’re purring! Think of it as self-talk. We’re telling ourselves to think about belly rubs and full dishes of pate while the doctor pokes and prods us.

The meow: Another simple sound that means pay attention to me! The common housecat meow is as easy to analyze as a human “hey”!

The chirp: Let me assure you, my little tail twitchers, that we can, indeed, chirp. It means we are excited! You’ve never experienced a cat chirp? The first few seconds of this video will change that!

Is he trying to fool the birds? Come here birdie! I’m a bird, too!

The caterwaul: Part meow, part trill, and all volume – the caterwaul is mostly emitted by cats in heat. Not to get too personal, my pretties, but Miss Sugar’s caterwauls have nothing to do with the wish for a partner. I simply like making the sound because it usually causes a distressed Father to seek me out and remind me that I’m loved.

The growl: Growling isn’t reserved only for filthy dogs! I’ve been known to growl at a squirrel on the deck or waves of corn, undulating in a strong breeze. My growl says, back off bucko, this is my home and these are my human beans! Go find your own.

The snore: You probably won’t find this one in your cat handbooks, but I’ve been known to win the snoring volume contest at our house. After we’ve had company and I’ve needed to be on high alert for many hours, I might emit the sweet sound of slumber. Lucky for me, my human beans think it’s adorable. Decide for yourself by clicking play below.

Please keep in mind that any cat that chatters non-stop, might be in distress. Although they’ll protest, a trip to the scary doctor person might be the best thing for them. You never know. We don’t like to complain. Our tendency to be stoic means we could be hiding a health concern. It’s up to our trusted human beans to figure it out!

I hope I’ve helped in some small way, like the brain of a filthy dog, to bridge a communication gap. Until next time, I remain your friend.

Miss Sugar

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