Christmas Comes Early

Everyone’s looking for some comfort right now. Whether it’s the American election and its (bloody ridiculous) aftermath, the Coronavirus and subsequent restrictions and their impact on businesses and livelihoods – we all seem to be feeling extra stress right now.

One recent day, before Halloween or Remembrance Day, I popped into a big box store for something or other and shiny objects caught my eye. Rows and rows of Christmas decor. In years past, such a sight might have given me a Grinch-like grimace and perhaps even prompted a silent rant about it being too early for Xmas shit! But not this time.

It drew me over as if it was a magnet and I was steel. And I found myself doing something I hadn’t done in months. I browsed and while I browsed, I smiled. I strolled every aisle and looked – really looked – at the decorations. The strange feeling it inspired was joy.

This isn’t how I usually react to early signs of Christmas. I love Christmas, especially giving gifts and decorating the tree. But I’m not exactly Brenda Lee, rockin’ around the Christmas tree. This year, it’s different.

Glass tree, about 8 inches tall, glazed to look like there's snow on it.

I didn’t take any of my Mom’s zillion Christmas decorations, except for three glittery cone trees. But when we cleaned out her car, I found the small glass tree above. It was in a bag with ribbon and a few other odds and ends. Had someone given it to her and she forgot about it? Or was she planning to give it to someone else? I’ll never know but I’ve given it a home.

Sensing my delight that Santa Claus is (eventually) coming to town, Derek offered to make something he saw online. We haven’t put them on our front deck yet (it got too cold too fast!) but we soon will.

Three pallet trees in various sizes, standing up. A string of red Christmas lights outlines the medium sized tree and lays in a tangle on the ground.

The green spray paint didn’t take in a spectacular way, but it’s more about the shape than the colour. Once the lights are on them, the silhouettes will be obvious. I love them. They’re perfect for in front of a country home.

I’ve always shopped early for Christmas presents so that hasn’t changed. But I don’t usually put up the tree until December first and it’s already up. It’s naked – I haven’t had a chance to decorate it – but it’s up!

I’m just looking for a diversion, a distraction – something to shake up the ordinary. “Ordinary” in 2020 is something no one wants to get used to. So, I’m not annoyed by the super-early holiday displays or even Christmas music on the radio before the temperature dropped below zero. Will it last? I can’t say for sure.

But there is one upcoming test.

When I finally, inevitably hear Paul McCartney’s Wonderful Christmastime, the worst Christmas song in history and I don’t yell at the radio, we can assume that yuletide joy has taken permanent root!! I’ll let you know.

10 thoughts on “Christmas Comes Early”

  1. I understand. Iā€™m usually a bah humbug type of girl, but this year I decided to send out Christmas cards. This year makes you want to reach out.

  2. Oh Lisa, that happened to me as well. The same feelings came over me too. Oddly enough, I was there to buy a garden rake and got distracted haha!

    Enjoy seeing your crafty work.

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