Furry Catmas

Tiny kitten looks up, wearing a Santa hat, beside the words, Wishing you a wonderful Christmas

Wherever you look this festive season my little glitter lickers, you’ll see cats being incorporated into the holidays. Where once a cat-lover dared not admit their allegiance in public, now it’s all about the fab tabby. We have truly arrived!

Once upon a time, a human bean who professed their love of kitties was thought to be:

  1. A sad and lonely person.
  2. One who had developed an immunity to Cat Box Eau de Toilette.
  3. Soft in the head.

Now beans everywhere know otherwise! Mother made a strict rule that there would be only one cat-themed item in our home at any given time. That thing was a cast iron cat doorstop which she has yet to unearth, more than a year after living here. I do think it’s time she embraced the feline within (or this feline, without!) and succumbed to the lure of the catty Christmas.

I have some ideas.

She could start with the Christmas tree. It looks nothing like most peoples’ trees. They take it out of a box, and it’s shaped like Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons.

Sideshow Bob has an umbrella-like crop of dreadlocks. He's wearing a greetnT-shirt, blue pants and is holding a knife behind his back.
The tree doesn’t hold a knife but its head is similar!

Now, just imagine how Sideshow Bob’s green head, in the form of our palm Christmas tree, would look, adorned with this:

Smiling cat wearing a Santa hat and red plaid scarf in a snowstorm, on a round, blue ornament.

We three could sit cozily together on the human furniture while gazing at its loveliness. All the while, Mother and Father could add to the festive catmosphere with a subtle addition to their wardrobes. Something like this, perhaps?

The torso of a woman wearing a bright red sweater with a huge cat face covering almost the entire front of it.

Doesn’t it feel more Christmasy already? Isn’t the thought of honouring the fab feline in your life enough to make you want to indulge in some of these superb items? You’re purring “yes”, I just know it.

Last year, Mother’s brother – my Uncle Kevin – bestowed upon her this incredible pair of socks. Your eyes don’t deceive you – that’s my sweet visage adorning them!

green socks with Miss Sugar's face on them and the words My cat - mine, mine, mine! Also, little fish bones.
I don’t even mind that I’m on her feet!

All it takes is a little effort to think outside the litter box. Choose the Catmas decor that’s right for your family and your home, and make it merrier than an ejected hairball. My free decor consultation here is my gift to you. You’re welcome!

Until next week, my little tree tuggers, may all your dreams come true. Except the one about luring the filthy dog into harm’s way. We must learn to tolerate even the lowest and least intelligent among us. After all, Santa Claws is watching!

Your friend,

Miss Sugar

3 thoughts on “Furry Catmas”

  1. I love it all Miss Sugar – I do hope your parents oblige and make your suggestions a dream come true! Merry Christmas ?

  2. Merry Christmas Miss Sugar. Gotta have that sweater! I guess I’ll have to write a letter to Santa Claws. I’ve been good this year….. And Merry Christmas to Mother.

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