Sipping Sangria

Make mine a virgin, but I’ll still raise a glass to a couple of wonderful women who host the podcast: Moms Sipping Sangria.

I’ve toyed with the idea of hosting my own podcast but I can’t seem to settle on a reason for it. Other than hosting my own podcast! Everyone and their cat host a podcast and it’s not easy to be heard without a dedicated effort. Inspiration hasn’t hit me hard enough yet.

Anita MacArthur and Sheila Walsh host Moms Sipping Sangria and I love how they do it. It’s real, it’s informative and sometimes naturally funny, and they don’t ramble on or navel-gaze. They make sangrias and share their recipes! This podcast is all meat and no filler. Or if you’re vegan, all quinoa and no animal byproduct.

I’ve known Sheila forEVER. She got into the radio biz a few years after me, and our professional paths crossed many times. I also worked with her husband, Greg. Anita, I haven’t known as long, but she’s equally wonderful. She’s the author of a best-selling children’s book series (check out A Royal Little Pest) and has been in the publishing world for a long time. And she happens to be married to CHFI producer extraordinaire and the best platonic hugger I know, Ian “The General” MacArthur.

So, when these great women asked me to come on MSS, I leaped at the opportunity. We talked about why I walked away from Toronto radio (680 News), why I left my radio career altogether, my books, and my experience with sepsis. The three of us found we had something in common we never knew. And it gave me chills. I hope you have a little time to check out the podcast, and some of the other episodes as well. You’ll find the episode featuring moi HERE.

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