Getting High

Greetings, my little toe biters! Today I want to discuss something we kitties love so much: raising our perspective on the world. Life on the floor is all ankles and dust bunnies. It gets old, fast.

Like our panther cousins who perch in trees, scanning for prey, we also enjoy an overhead view. True, we don’t need to hunt our dinner. But there is something primal within our DNA that compels us to rise above.

My favourite way to see the world from on high is in the safety of Father’s arms. He scoops me up for a “walkabout” and we look out windows all around the house. This happens once, sometimes twice a day. I purr up a storm to let him know that I appreciate it. We mock silly birds, discuss the weather, and declare our devotion to each other. It’s heaven!

Some cats stroll on the kitchen counter. Others get up on the dining table. This is not allowed in our home and I’m unsure that I could make a successful leap that high. And I know that Mother has considered gifting me with one of these items. However, she hasn’t yet done so. I believe her decorating sensibility forbids it.

I do not personally know this cat.

My close personal friend from Wallaceburg, Barbara, posted something on Facebook that would be even MORE fun! Mainly because it involves less effort and more napping.

This idea appealed to my human beans. However, Mother suggested a modification. My hammock would need to be reinforced on two sides, not one. I suppose I should have felt insulted but she does have a point. I’m a full-figured gal and proud of it!

For reference, this is my least fave way to be viewed. With the viewer up high and me down low. I know I’m short – you don’t have to rub it in!

Miss Sugar looking very tiny at the bottom of a staircase looking up. She's sitting on a rug that looks like a 45 rpm record.

Window ledges, dressers, stairs – we’ll gravitate to anything that will give us an overhead view of our terrain. But I’ll always choose the strong arms of my best of the best human beans. My Father.

Until next week, my little string pullers,

I remain your friend,

Miss Sugar

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