Bang Up Job

A few days before Christmas, I’d had it with my bangs. They were getting in my eyes and they had to go, but I knew that getting them cut by a pro was going to be impossible with shops shut down. So I decided to do it myself.

Enter: YouTube. I sifted through the DIY bangs videos until I found one with thousands of thumbs-up reactions. There are about a million of these videos and they all basically show the same simple way to trim that forehead fringe. Gather, twist, peck with the scissors a little at a time.

I didn’t have full confidence that I could pull it off. After all, genetic evidence isn’t exactly in my favour. Just look at what my Mom did to my bangs when I was little.

Me, about age 4, looking into the camera. My bangs are a wavy line with a couple of longer sections here and there.
Is that a graph across my forehead showing the rising and falling price of oil?

My elementary school years were punctuated by a struggle over my hair. It grew fast and I liked it long. Summers were okay for long hair. But come back-to-school time, Mom would pull out the dull scissors and shear me like a sheep. Some years I won the battle. In Grade 6, she clearly emerged the victor.

Me, smiling in a school picture, with short hair and uneven bangs.
That year, I got teased for “looking like a boy”. (Times were different then, kids.)

Is it any wonder I wasn’t sure whether I’d need to wear a hat until February after attempting my own trim job? But I took my time, like the video said, and I think it turned out fine.

Close-up of me, showing my straight bangs, which are not hanging in my eyes - victory!

That will hold me until I can get a real trim by someone who knows what they’re doing. But I will admit that I was pretty proud of myself.

Long gone are the days when I’ll pay a queen’s ransom for a haircut. Still, it’s a skill that deserves proper compensation. My little trim isn’t going to take food out of anyone’s mouths. If George Clooney can do his own hair with a Flowbee, surely I can clear my own line of vision.

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  1. I miss my bangs too. Right now I’m making do with hair bands, clips and hairspray, depending on the day. Maybe I’ll get brave and try it I do have a sharp pair of scissors for the dogs. Need to give them a trim as well

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