Happy for Moms

My Mom looking very tiny in a purply top and black pants sitting on a tan leather sofa below tow large prints of Italy

It’s an indescribable feeling when, for the first time in your life, you won’t celebrate Mother’s Day.

Millions of people know this feeling. Lots of them knew it earlier in life than I did. My Mom and I had a complicated relationship. I deliberately created distance between us for many years for my own survival. And I don’t regret that. I knew time would run out one day but for reasons I don’t wish to explain, I did what I had to do.

When Dad’s health began failing rapidly, and especially after she got sick, I closed the gap. It doesn’t matter what she’s like or what I’m like or how we were together. I’m her kid. She’s my Mom. Case closed.

But because I spent so much time with her in the last few years, staying over at her place and living with her for the last few weeks of her life, her departure last September left a huge void. I miss her so much. More than I ever imagined. It’s still painful. Every day.

So, I’ve said my piece and that’s about me. I’m not a Mom, for more complicated reasons to do with my personal plumbing and the cards I was dealt. But if you’re a Mom or you have a Mom, I see you, I respect you and I celebrate you. Revel in it. Absorb the love. Smell the flowers, eat the chocolate and let them love you! There will be a lot of sad people on Mother’s Day but diminishing your own happiness doesn’t lessen their sadness. So please don’t. We should celebrate all the moments we can while we can.

To everything there is a season. I had a long season with my Mom and I’m grateful for it. That season is now over. So I’ll stand back and observe the love for Moms and hope you get more than your share. Every phase of life is so fleeting. Don’t let a moment of joy pass you by. Happy Mother’s Day.

9 thoughts on “Happy for Moms”

  1. Thank you Lisa for your kind words for all the moms out there. It is kind of strange when I think about it but my mom and I were never close until I left home! Weird eh?

    Even if you are not a mom, Happy Happy!

  2. You celebrate mum! Her memories, teachings, her love and that she’s at peace and all the warmth these things bring you each day even through the sadness. She’ll always be part of you and who you’ve become.

  3. Thank you for giving people like me (who also has a very complicated and not often positive relationship with my mom) hope that in the future we will be able to enjoy and celebrate one another. Thinking of you this weekend.

    1. I’ll be thinking of you, too, Dara, knowing your great kids will make you feel deservedly special!

  4. Thinking of you who like many others feeling a sense of sadness. My Mum has been gone for over 27 years and I still miss her like crazy. Hugs.
    Love Carolyn xo

  5. Hi Lisa,
    You said, Every phase of life is so fleeting.
    Boy is that ever true. Wishing you a lovely day today!!

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