Miss Sugar Returns (It Can Only Mean One Thing)

Sugar curled up and sleeping with the caption Wake me when it's over!

Greetings my little dumplings! Yes it’s me, your friendly supermodel furball, Miss Sugar. I’m coming back out of blogger retirement to share the craziest story of my life (so far).

We are moving again! If you’ve been following my adventures, you’ll know that I began blogging during our first move in 2018. I continued during our second move 8 months later. Then I felt I’d said it all. But now I’m back! This family is like the mafia – they keep pulling me back in. Come to think of it, with all of these moves, are we in witness protection?

In case you’re just joining us: Desiring a change in their lives, my people moved kitty and kaboodle from London to Wallaceburg. My humans thought they wanted a simpler life with a water view. Despite visiting the lovely town several times before purchasing the home, they ultimately decided it was too far away from those they love.

The following summer we moved to a rustic and industrial-styled renovated farmhouse in the wilds of Southwold. It has truly been ideal for pandemic isolation. However, it also comes with a lot of chores and Mother, especially, hasn’t felt at home for a variety of reasons. A creaky farmhouse is not ideal for a voice recording business although they’ve been busier than ever, and made it work. I have loved watching the geese and hawks and shit-birds and deer and bunnies. But did anybody ask me whether I’d like to stay? They did not.

So, they’ve decided to continue their nomadic lifestyle with one more move, this time to Port Stanley. Their reasoning is sound this time, I think. They want the walkability of Wallaceburg with a closer proximity to London, and without an outdoor wood-fueled furnace and a massive lawn that takes half a day to cut. They deliberately chose a non-beach setting in the famous beach town to create distance between themselves and the throngs (and thongs!) of summertime sand-lovers. But we will live within a brief walk of the beach. And our lawn will be half a postage stamp, not half an acre.

This decision was made last last year and had nothing to do with the insanity of the current housing market. They would be moving regardless. But as it turns out, their selling schedule landed in the era of real estate craziness.

What has this meant for yours truly? CHAOS! However, they have done their best to make the situation as easy on me as possible.

Miss Sugar looking alert and relaxed out the front of the metal screen on her travel crate. One of her paws is holding onto a bar.

Over the course of our moves, I’ve traveled in a motorhome (since sold) in a Kia, and in this pickup in my trusty travel carrier. All I know is, when we’re all together, everything will be alright.

Because of the way the home sale market is right now, Mom and Dad had to get us out for a weekend. To give you an idea, there were 22 showing requests for the Saturday. Due to social distancing and the limitations of time, only 13 were scheduled. The others spread themselves out over subsequent days while dozens more lookiloos joined them. The question was, where could we go during a lockdown? Sit in a hotel room? Camp? (Not on my watch!)

A wonderful friend came to the rescue. She was isolating at her cottage and her home happened to be between house-sitters. What luck! She kindly let us stay there and order in pizza and everything! I don’t want to embarrass her by telling you who she is but this special woman’s name rhymes with Mathy Kueller. Her home was warm and inviting, just like her. I especially liked perching at the top of her staircase, looking down upon my humans. And we all slept together in the guest bed, cozied up, like old times. It was bliss for me while Mother took frequent text updates from the real estate agent. Our house was Grand Central Station and we were quite content to let the masses trample through it while we relaxed in cozy comfort.

Sugar facing the camera as Derek scratches her back. She's laying on a tufted ottoman. A large bag of M and Ms is visible in the background.
It’s blissful as long as we’re together. Yes, those are Father’s M and M’s.

Once we returned, showings came in clusters of up to 5 in a row. My people would give me a heads up, promise to return, and leave me alone to ignore the visitors. Fortunately, I can sleep through almost anything. Kudos to our agent who did her best to schedule showings together, to limit the disruptions.

Most people were kind and even complimentary. But one set of walker-throughers upset me greatly. Mother had assured me it’s normal for people to open cupboards and appliances. They can check anything that goes with the house. Hey, this isn’t my first rodeo, I know how it goes.

But these people moved and looked at EVERYTHING. They pulled up rugs, shoved furniture around, slid out the racks in the pantry, checked dresser drawers! Worst of all, they left a few things half put back so their behavior was obvious. I was horrified but what’s a cat to do? I gave them the stink eye as I rode along when they pushed me on the bed to the other side of the room. Mother and Father attempted to ascertain who the rudeniks were, but with so many showings in a row, it was impossible to tell. Their agent was with them and let them behave this way! Unforgivable!

Everyone else left me alone, which is how I like it.

I did bring up a hairball on the white bedspread one day just prior to a showing. This is why Mother buys bed coverings in twos. Otherwise, I was the picture of perfection. But you knew that.

The house sold in a multiple offer situation that’s typical for the times. My people have booked movers for June. It’s really happening. Again! They assure me I’ll enjoy Port Stanley and have many new and wonderful, sunny places where I can nap. It will be a good time. But will it be for a long time? Stay tuned!

It’s good to be back. My paws were itching to tap this keyboard again. I’ll be back next week, my special readers!

Your friend,

Miss Sugar

4 thoughts on “Miss Sugar Returns (It Can Only Mean One Thing)”

  1. Bummer I wasn’t able to see your current home! You will love Port Ms. Sugar, I have for a very long time now! Am hoping to visit soon! Take care!

  2. Wow Miss Sugar…good thing you just get to sit on the sidelines and watch! I was tired just thinking of all the work preparing the house to sell and moving again! Congratulations on selling in this crazy environment. I trust the purchasing your new property wasn’t as difficult as news reports have indicated! Good luck in your imminent move…and home really is where the heart…and your human beans and your food is!!

  3. Miss Sugar…you truly are the best! Great job being on house watch during the chaos! Congratulations to you (and your humans) on your next adventure! I am happy to say that I got to see all of your homes and look forward to seeing your next one! 🤗❤️

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