Beach Town Kitty

Greetings from Port Stanley, my little diggers! I’m officially a beach cat now. Also, I’m a bit overwhelmed after all of the excitement. Oh, I have tales (and tails) to tell.

As is his usual process, Father put me first. After the moving guys arrived, he and I high-tailed it out of Southwold: him with a full trailer and me in full voice. It’s only a twenty minute trip but I have a special way of making it seem like hours. As little kids are to The Wheels on the Bus, I am to a glass-shattering, soprano mewl!

Sugar peeks out from an array of random stuff including a basket, a brown towel, a winter hat and a vacuum cleaner1
Can you see me? I’m like a chameleon!

My litterbox was put in place. I have my own little room under the stairs, kind of like where Harry Potter was made to sleep in his Uncle’s house. Only mine isn’t full of spiders. Then I was set free to roam. There’s so much to see and smell. It was a feast for the senses. I pitter-pattered all over as Father unloaded the trailer. He set up my feeding station and with those two important zones at the ready, I felt pretty good. Mother and the moving truck arrived at the same time. That’s when the fur started flying.

Father confined me to his office space for my own safety. I yelled as loudly as I could, tried to dig up the carpet and escape through sheer will alone. None of it made a difference. Finally, after what seemed like several weeks, Mother came in to let me roam a bit. She picked me up and took me to my litterbox when I let out a series of screams as if I were being stabbed! She put me down just as a mover arrived downstairs with an armload of boxes. He was warned, but the big galoot stepped on my tail anyway!

He immediately apologized. It’s clear that he meant me no harm. I hid in the storage area for a good long while anyway. I managed to elude the rest of the thundering herd and their cargo, so happy to be free.

Miss Sugar's behind. She has turned around on the sectional arm to face the wall.
Talk to the tail, ’cause the ears ain’t listening!

I felt more at ease as my people opened boxes and familiar items emerged. That first night, I slept so hard that even my people moving about in my midst didn’t wake me. Since then, I’ve enjoyed long, deep naps followed by visits to my necessary places. I’m just so relieved that this is what all of that fuss was about – moving again! It’s nice here. I do love a good adventure, even if no one consults me on the matter.

Dear friends, I feel another nap coming on. I’m not a spring chicken, you know. However, I have overheard my family complimenting my “remarkable resilience”. I’m only here for the praise! And the treats.

Until next week, my little nose twitchers, I remain your friend

Miss Sugar

PS. Today is my birthday! I’m 16 and sweet indeed. But please, no presents. Best wishes only. This kitty already has everything she needs.

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