Rule Breaker

Hello my little dust bunny chasers! We continue to settle into our new digs in Port Stanley. And by “we” I obviously mean that my contribution is staying out of the way. Napping in various locales. You know, same old same old.

I’m getting the hang of it and experiencing better cardio workouts than I’ve had in years. You see, the comfy TV room is upstairs and my bathroom is in the basement. My food is on the main floor in the middle. I’m a cat on the move in more ways than one.

Sometimes I lose my people so I sit and wail until someone finds me and brings me to wherever the action is. Except for the garage, of course. There are imposing-looking tools and precariously placed boxes of what look like rusty screws. (I heard Mother laughing about Father’s collection of rusty screws! But where does she go first when she needs a bit of hardware or a fastener? Exactly!)

Miss Sugar on her favourite cushion, looking lost in thought.
The author deep in thought.

Curtains and blinds are going up. Our neighbour Carol, fur-Mom to Gracie the filthy dog/pony next door, purchased too many paper blinds and handed the rest out to those of us just moving in. What a lovely gesture! They brought immediate privacy to the bedroom and dining area until more permanent coverings can be purchased. Mother is trying to become part of the community by spending as much of her budget as she can locally, when it needs spending, that is. The Port Stanley hardware store is stuffed to the rafters but well-stocked. And they’re trying the local restaurants a bit at a time. So far, Papa’s Pizza gets four thumbs up.

Many moons ago, when my late pal Spice and I were adopted, this family made a vow about cat-themed decor: They would allow just one generic-cat item! Mother bought one cast iron cat doorstop that we haven’t seen since we left Wallaceburg. That was supposed to be the last of it lest they go overboard with kitty dinnerware, furniture and toilet bowl brush holders. (Those ceramic ones sure are cute, though!)

So imagine my surprise when I encountered this in the downstairs human loo.

White shower curtain with random black cats in cartoon form.

That’s a cat themed shower curtain if ever the motif existed!

“But they’re cute and random and fat and did I mention cute?”, said Mother. She has given up on finding the doorstop, so this is its replacement. This will be the least-used bathroom, so she reasoned that bringing a little kitty character to it would mostly amuse herself.

Mother is known for her decor discipline and her rules. For example, the rule of three. (Vignettes should include odd numbers of items. Three owls. Three candles, etc.)

So, here’s my question. If she’s allowed to break this one rule, what’s next? Feeding me only once per day? Allowing my litterbox to languish unsifted until it resembles the surface of Mars? I do appreciate the likenesses of my superior species but enough in my life has changed. Surely mother’s somewhat retentive but organized personality isn’t next?

I promise to keep a close eye on her for any other radical shifts. First menopause and now this. I’m telling you, I don’t have the easiest job in the house. They call themselves voice artists but if this trend continues, they haven’t heard anything yet!

Meanwhile, today is closing date at the ranch, and the date my humans get their second vaccine shots. Big day! So I’m heading out on the prowl again, seeking cat-themed tchotchkes my lawless matriarch has likely strewn about the place. I promise to report back in future entries. I wish you a full kibble bowl and many tummy rubs. Until next time I remain your friend,

Miss Sugar

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  1. Sounds like things are shaping up great! Thanks for the smiles & chuckles! Have a fabulous Friday! TGIF

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