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Heading to BC last week was a risk, some said. It’s too soon to fly, too difficult to maintain social distance. Too peopley. I get that perspective. We’ve been staying away from each other for so long, it’s difficult to know when it’s okay to resume some normalcy. Last week was “okay” for me, regardless of what anyone else thought.

And it was okay with Erin Davis who wanted to take me in her sweet convertible on a five day road trip to Salt Spring Island and then Courtenay, BC. And all I could think was, Whoo-hoo!

The flights from London to Toronto, then Toronto to Victoria were easy peasy. I took carry-on only for the first time in my traveling life. Picking me up took no time at all. And within moments we were at Erin and Rob’s, overlooking one of the most gorgeous pieces of Canada. Where wildlife hang out and relax.

A deer lazes on the brown grass.
They could use some rain!

And then a visit to one of my favourite places: Sidney’s Iroquois Park, where we sat on Lauren’s bench. In one perfect moment, a young Mom happened along, holding her child. We asked if she’d like to sit and she gratefully said yes.

A willow tree hangs over a still pond.

I love a road trip where we’re not trying to beat the clock. We can stop where we want and meander off the main route to poke around at whatever catches our fancy. And once we hit the road on Monday, that’s what we did until Friday. Oh, sure, we spent time in towns, exploring the finest retail offerings, but we also roamed around to see what we could find.

I shared many of the spectacular ocean views on social media. And one snap of the visitor who dropped into Hastings House to freak me out. Well done, Wolfie, well done!

When you’re in a light and happy frame of mind, humour is everywhere you look.

The Do Not Disturb dog - a stuffed white, canvas dog that has Do Not Disturb written on it in black marker.

Imagine a province where people openly quote the medical officer of health!

We ate, drank (alcohol-free) and walked and walked. And talked and talked. Oh how I needed this time with my friend, without work obligations or taboo topics. Trust me, no subject was off limits! And there was wonderful family time waiting when we got back to Sidney.

Front of a BC ferry with cards driving on board.

On Saturday morning, I awoke to an email from Westjet advising me that my direct flight home had been canceled (we now know it was due to staff shortages) but they had replaced it with my “best option”. Unfortunately, that was a 12-hour ordeal involving 6.5 hours in two airports. I almost accepted this fate until Rob and Erin intervened and found me a direct flight on Swoop. However, the brief jump from Toronto to London would cost almost $1000! So Derek offered to collect me at Pearson instead.

Long story short, Swoop is as no-frills as one might imagine. It was okay. There were a couple of delays taking off because of crowding at the gate. And a delay on the Toronto tarmac because of lightning. The Toronto to London trip that I didn’t book was postponed several times and then finally canceled. So, I dodged a nightmare there.

Lots of recent travelers have reported problems with suddenly canceled flights and long delays. I think it should be expected as airlines adjust to the new normal and try to optimize their routes. My experience wasn’t terribly inconvenient, really. I got another day in paradise with two of the best humans on the planet and a ride home with another one.

Erin outside our beautiful accommodations at Hastings House on Salt Spring Island.

Flying internationally might be more trouble. It’s not something I’m prepared to do quite yet. I guess we’ll find out what it’s like next month when Derek’s cousin Vicki comes from England for a family visit. But if you’re going to fly domestically, be patient, and don’t expect perfection. Come to think of it, that attitude serves us well when traveling anytime, pandemic or not.

6 thoughts on “Home and Home”

  1. If your double vaccinated, use a little bit of common sense, travelling domestically, your good to go. Besides a break can do wonders for your emotional and mental health and we all need that!

  2. Oh Lisa – what a wonderful and sweet collection of memories you’ve compiled and shared here. Thank you SO much – for coming, for braving the naysayers, for being an amazing travel companion and just for sharing yourself, your humour, your EVERYTHING so openly with me. How lucky I am. We miss you here like crazy….DID I SAY THANK YOU? E.

  3. What a glorious time you both had. Thank you Erin for sharing Lisa’s blog. I am happy to learn that you (Lisa) arrived home safely. The pictures were so beautiful and new and wonderful memories for you both. Keep well and safe.

  4. Sounds like your trip to B.C. was as good as our visit with our son, who lives in Prince George, was when he came home in the heat wave. Hadn’t seen him in 19 months & he made sure his vacation included 4 visits to his brother & nieces (they have a swimming pool – ulterior motive?) & time with elementary school friends. I think we came in third for visit time! Still, it was wonderful & a boost to morale for all. He left me a quote when he moved 8 years ago. He contributed it to Winnie the Pooh. “How lucky am I to have something that makes saying good-bye so hard.” How true is that. I am glad you had a great time on your holiday.

  5. Thank you, Erin, for sharing Lisa’s blog. 🙂
    I’m so happy the both of you were able to make memories in what sounds like a peaceful and tranquil setting. The pictures are lovely, and I’m sure the conversations that took place while visiting them were even better.
    Sharing time with a best friend is like medicine for the soul.
    Lisa and Erin, I’m glad you both made the decision to follow your hearts to make this trip a reality.
    As Thelma said to Louise, “”You said you ‘n’ me was gonna get out of town and for once just really let our hair down. Well, darlin’, look out ’cause my hair is comin’ down!”

  6. Lisa, I loved hearing about your travels and your time with Erin.(and Rob too) The island, and those tiny islands around it, like Salt Spring certainly have healing vibes around them. Glad you enjoyed your adventure.
    Thanks for giving your perspective on travel, for I head to the same place in a couple of weeks, and it made me feel more comfortable about the trip after reading your blog. Hope the memories of your trip keep you smiling for a loooooong time.

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