Miss Sugar Writes: Cat Daddies

Derek holding Sugar up to a window and they're both looking outside into the night

Hello my little floor hockey players! There may not be ice on the hardwood and I don’t have skates, but I can still slide around, batting that fuzzy mouse like Auston Matthews!

I’m delighted to share with you today the undeniable fact that my favourite human bean is part of a trend. In fact, he may have unknowingly helped launch it. My Father is one of a fast-growing number of men who have, without intention, bonded with a cat.

The dog may be man’s best friend but the cat is quickly becoming his life partner. Sympatico. Mind-melded. On the same page. This delightful phenomenon is happening so frequently that there’s a new documentary about it: Cat Daddies. It’s the story of manly men in the Dallas area who have surprised even themselves by becoming permanently attached to a feline friend.

On the one paw, I’m thrilled that this is a trend that’s Swiffering the nation! On another paw, I wonder why the filmmaker didn’t bother to interview me and my human bean. He’s a perfect example of her subject matter and I’m a born performer. And I still have two more paws!

My Perfect Bean

Mother used to say of Father that his only flaw was that he had never truly connected with an animal. Oh, he cared for them and was kind and doting but he had never experienced that special kinship between biped and quadruped. Silly woman. Clearly, he was waiting for me! And now that we’ve cemented our impermeable bond over several years, Mother must admit that he is now flawless.

Derek and Sugar in closeup. He is holder her. She looks happy and straight into the camera. He looks adoringly at her.
If you could hear my purr you’d know this is my happy place! His too!!

Some Neanderthals believe it’s not masculine for a man to adore a purring creature such as me. I say, ride your dinosaur back to the stone age, fool, because virile men of all descriptions have feline BFFs.

Macho writer Ernest Hemingway had a cat that was given to him by a ship’s captain. She was a beautiful, six-toed creature he called Snow White. Her descendants still roam the grounds of his home and museum in Key West and about half of them have six toes.

John Lennon took in many stray cats through his life. At one point he had ten of them. John’s love of cats was said to have started as a boy when his Mom had a cat named Elvis. They believed Elvis was a boy until she gave birth to a litter of kittens.

David Bowie: Cat People, need I say more?

Rock legends Jethro Tull have devoted a whole section of their website to flutist/vocalist Ian Anderson’s writings about cats! The sections title is Animals, but it’s all cats all the time, as it should be.

Scathing comedian Ricky Gervais puts more social media love into his cat than to his comedy. To know a cat is to love a cat. It’s just that simple.

The Cat Daddies movie will be screened in its home city of Dallas, Texas. Then it hits the film festival circuit. If we’re lucky, it might eventually get picked up by Catflix or Amazon Purrime. My humans will keep me informed so we can gather to watch it and nod our heads in agreement with the smart men who have chosen cats as their companions.

Or is it the other way around? Did the cat choose the man and let him THINK he made his own choice? The cat has my tongue on that topic! But as I was tapping my toenails on Mother’s laptop, science finally figured out that we cats form deep attachments with our chosen humans. They spent all that time and money on studies when they could have just asked me how much I’m stuck on my Cat Daddy. Like fur on furniture. The spiky kind the vacuum can’t pick up.

Until next time, my little shoelace untiers,

I remain your friend,

Miss Sugar

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