Mourning Dove Translation – ImPort Stanley

closeup of a mourning dove taken by ehpien via Flickr

The haunting cries of the mourning dove are echoing through the village. Mornings, evenings – they’re possibly making the most prominent sounds right now.

The mourning dove is cousin to the late, great carrier pigeon. These beautiful birds, also known as turtle doves, mate for life. They live just about anywhere except dense forests and swamps. And they’re quicker than you might think. Bird experts clocked them in flight at 55 MPH.

It’s the male that makes lovely cooing sounds as he calls out to attract a mate. But what exactly is he saying in this avian dating game? Without further ado, ImPort Stanley presents an accurate translation of the utterances of a Port Stanley bird. We are fortunate that renowned Dovologist, Ophelia Clutterbuck has agreed to tell us what an East Road mourning dove is telling the ladies.

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  1. Thanks so much for the smile and laugh on a Friday morning – you should really make a video with that audio and put it on YouTube.

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