Downward Goat at Laughing Goat Yoga Studio

A close up of me in a selfie with a baby goat nibbling on my hair at the side of my head

Just the thought of yoga and goats together put a stupid grin on my face. I’d seen photos of women striking poses surrounded by goats. It looked like big fun and now I can confirm that it is.

My sister-in-law Barb arranged the class. Barb, sister-in-law Kelly, niece Trinity, and my friend and fellow goat-video-obsessed fan, Carolyn Arnold and I all met at Laughing Goat in Thorndale. It’s a lovely acreage that includes an Airbnb, peacocks, huge outdoor bar – it’s a wedding destination as well.


Goat yoga is led by a certified yoga instructor inside a gorgeous studio. First, Linda taught us about the goats. Purses and shoes must be stored up high so they don’t get eaten. There are gentle dos and don’ts about interacting with goats. Don’t let the goats chew your clothing. (They’ll try to suck on a shirt hem but give up as soon as they’re told it’s not cool.) Don’t freak out if a couple of males butt heads. Do get a fresh mat if yours gets overtaken by napping goats. At one point, I had four nestled in a pile on my yoga mat.

Two goats, one brown and one white, asleep on a purple yoga mat.

The goats come tumbling into the room excited and happy. There’s so much laughter. Then the class begins.

Perhaps you recall that, unfortunately, yoga and I aren’t compatible. I took Chair Yoga classes that put my car-crash injured neck back at square one of recovery. So, clearly, I was there for the goats! However, I did do some stretches and followed Linda’s advice to only do what felt good. It’s not a competition to see who can stretch the farthest.

It’s so funny to look over at a fellow participant laying on their back, scratching the neck of a goat. And Linda, putting her legs over the back of a goat that looks like it couldn’t care less! Goats are a lot more resilient and easy-going than I imagined. They seem to really enjoy being around people.

Me on all fours smiling up at the camera as a baby goat stands on my back.


After a while, the goats settle down and find a mat to nap on. The studio is prepared for this with plenty of fresh mats to roll out when the goats won’t share! Having goats in the room just makes the whole experience lighter and funny. They’re lovely animals with friendly dispositions. Goat babies don’t mind getting picked up for selfies. It’s the best yoga experience – heck – any kind of class experience, I’ve ever had.

Clearly, goat yoga at Laughing Goat has caught on. There was a class before us and a birthday party after us. At $30 each for the hour (with a minimum of 4 people per class) I think it’s great value.

Our group of five posing with two baby goats.
Kelly, Trinity, Carolyn, Barb and me. I forget the goats’ names.

A few things to be aware of. There will be a little poop and maybe some pee. I can’t imagine anyone being surprised by this but you never know! When a few pellets dropped, we simply shuffled over a bit to a non-pooped-on part of the floor. No big deal. Everybody poops!

If you did it right you will get covered in goat hair – evidence of the good time you had. The goats have excellent hygiene! There’s no goat odour (goadour?) that’s offensive to the nose.

I can think of a hundred reasons to do this and not a single reason not to. Team building. Girl’s outing. Tourist activity. Whether yoga is your thing or you’re only there for the goats, it’s a great experience. Laughing Goat Yoga Studio is on Facebook or click HERE to find out more.

6 thoughts on “Downward Goat at Laughing Goat Yoga Studio”

  1. Oh my gosh that photo with the kid on your back!!!! 🥰 I need to do this – and I’m so glad you did. A much needed dose of serotonin – thank you. ❤️

  2. Inquiry? How big are these goats? Would they be as big as my 80LB lab or more around a 30/40 LB dog? I think my lab would have great fun playing with the goats. Very much sounds like fun.

    1. I would guess they’re closer to the smaller example than your lab. And the babies are smaller still, of course! I’m not sure how goats feel about dogs but they sure do love being around humans!

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