To Blog or Not To Blog

Erin last year beside a beautiful bush with large white flowers

I started a handful of blog posts to publish today.

Let’s see, there was the rant about Lisa LaFlamme’s treatment and rampant misogyny in broadcasting. Also, the one about a study on secrets. And a few other ideas that didn’t seem to gel. On a different day, they might. Today, I’m just not feeling it.

A paid columnist could never get away with writing about how they have nothing to write about. But this is just a little piece of real estate on the Internet that I rent to muse and vent on. It’s not that I have no ideas. I have too many ideas! And they’re all fighting for attention in my mind. One hasn’t emerged as the winner.

Maybe I need a holiday.

So, tomorrow I’m flying out to BC to spend some quality time with the best people I know, Erin Davis and her family. Last year Erin and I took a road trip. The country was still in full mask mode but I ventured out during a brief time when flying was deemed “okay”. My flights home were canceled so – oh, poor me! – I had to stay a couple of extra days in paradise!

This year, Pearson International is making headlines for delays, cancelations, and problems but you know what? I’m expecting a smooth journey there and back. I’m going to assume the best and grin and bear it if things go awry. Flying is my choice. I’ll handle whatever comes: lost luggage, cancellations, whatever will be.

This year, our plans are to sit at the ocean’s edge and do a whole lot of nothing but catching up and enjoying ourselves. Erin and Rob are family, full stop. I’m so grateful that I get to spend these chunks of time with them and feel free to just be crazy ol’ me.

So, please forgive me for the lack of a proper blog post today. I’ll fill my tank and return with lots to say, I’m sure. See you in September!

3 thoughts on “To Blog or Not To Blog”

  1. Enjoy the time away. Often when you stop thinking about something it comes into focus and the urge to finish that which you’ve started just flows naturally.

  2. Have a great break! Sadly, many columnists have written the column about having no column ideas, including me! I like yours though!

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