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A Mom, Dad and child set up in the median by the main beach, with PJ's Epic Eats in the background.

As you tour the village, you’ll notice that brightly painted post people stand here and there. The following photos are used with permission from Magical Port Stanley, which is loaded with gorgeous pics from around the village.

Recently, I wrote a fictional love story about a couple of the post folks. I made up names and back stories for the dental assistant and police officer on each side of Bridge St.. Others have been around a long while and they’re part of the personality of Port Stanley.

Post person with binoculars and a lifesaver outside the Central Elgin Beach Rescue service office.
Ready to rescue swimmers.

They are what they sound like – people made from wooden posts. Some have feet. Some don’t. They wear outfits befitting their professions or activities. And they’re definitely eye-catching.

Cathy and Mike Cook are their creators. The couple had stopped making them a few years ago but the wooden people are enjoying a revival. The BIA has commissioned some, as have local residents, so the Cooks are back in the post-people kitchen, serving them up to order.

The amount of detail is stunning. They use high-quality outdoor paint so the looks last a long time. Back when I wrote about Constable Woody, he was just about to get a full makeover. He’s freshly dressed and brightly coloured again. This gardener represents the village’s wonderful volunteer gardeners.

Port Stanley residents can order a post person for as little as $50. I’d like one for my tiny front lawn except that we already have a Bell box and a fire hydrant. So, as beautiful as they are, I’m torn.

It’s fun to spot them and immediately get what they’re about. Every once in a while we’ll notice one we haven’t seen before. These photos are just a taste – there are many more in and around the village.

Two men dressed in rainbow T-shirts and bright colors meant to represent Pride.

The Cooks do a wonderful job adding to Port Stanley’s memorable charm. You can find them on Facebook along with Magical Port Stanley, where you can see why this village is so special.

8 thoughts on “The Post People – ImPort Stanley”

  1. I am so enjoying your posts about Port. I visit often but your blog has given me new perspective. I was just in Port on Wed and now I want to get back asap and look for all these post people.

  2. What I think might be in order is a Post People scavenger hunt. See how many you can find and post online somewhere associated with the town.

  3. I am the angel, or maybe devil, on your shoulder telling you “Get a post person for your lawn! Do it! Go for it! Make it happen! You could get a Lisa post person and a Derek post person, or maybe be the first to have a Cuddles post kitty.

    1. Hi Barbara – the only place I can find them is on Facebook. They have a page called Port Stanley’s Post People. A recent article in the local paper didn’t mention any way to contact them. I think Facebook is it.

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